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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Cherry tree

Vice: Fragmentation

Virtue:  Simplicity

Relationship conflict:  Being frightened (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Develop courage

Homeopathic Support: Calcium carbonicum

Inspirational figure: Garry Kasparow

Brain area: Thalamus / Blue core

Brain Modulation Story: The end of the long search

Organ: Appendix, cecum, colon

Chemical Element: Fluorine

Development phase: Year 9 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Repressed emotions prevent a person from expressing their feelings / Injuries caused by others are sent back into the world / We experience stagnating conditions and often forgetfulness.

In the light:

Helps to release lost submerged memories of hurt / Feelings of guilt that lie dormant are transformed / Remembers how it's like to live in the shadow side

Keyword / Guilt:

The body bears the burden of the heavy world. Yet the spirit transforms and lets the wings grow.


Rising above sluggishness has meaning. However, devoting oneself to the transient brings pain and loss; it never brings ease and gain.


Humans aspire to higher goals, which can lead to excess and a hunger for status and power. This negative path may reverse, and a person may have a change of heart. They realize that in order to feel good about themselves, there's only one thing needed: to be a servant to the greater whole. To act in this special service means to be committed to the luminous principle in life and to eventually overcome the inertia of the earthly world through proactive efforts.

9th Year - (97th to 108th Month) Process-Oriented Development Phase

The experience of making mistakes is initially painful. However, with the pedagogical support of parents and educators, we can help the child. We transform "painful mistakes" into a "process-oriented" approach. Simply put, we learn from our mistakes. In evolution, it's not primarily about right or wrong. It is of great importance for our community to support the child so that they can actively and continuously shape processes within themselves. Process-oriented action is the foundation for progressive, effortless service to the community and leads to the satisfaction of the individual human being.

The path through polarity (right/wrong, black/white) is often the more difficult. It could fragment the child's psyche and intellect. The continuum approach is more straightforward in education. The continuum helps to cultivate inspiration and mental expansion forces without disturbance.

BEING FRIGHTENED (Conflict that shows in our relationships) People with experience, who have withstood great trials in their lives, tell us that it seems incredible to them, how much their mind has contributed towards the conservation of their body. They can tell how the spiritual willpower of the human being alone can overcome physical and emotional complaints, by keeping the upright being going and guiding him to his destination. The mind should simply not give in to the body; and this is what they tell us from their wealth of their experience. The strength to see something through comes from a resolute willpower, and it is this willpower that will expel all weakness.

The upright willpower can do this. It penetrates both the body and the emotional being of a person. It transports him into an active condition that is able to beat off all harmful influences. On the other hand, the great veterans of life also tell us that fear brings us into a condition of lethargic weakness and susceptibility, which will make it easy for any enemy to take possession of us. They appeal to us to give up this tendency towards fear. Because the worst illness, they say, is timidity. Fear springs up from this in all its many facets, and, from the experience of all brave, knowledgeable people, there is only one remedy for it; giving up fearfulness.

We spend a lot of time living in fear, and this, in the long run, will restrict our flexibility to a great extent. In our brief earthly life, we brood over the past and worry about the future. If, however, we were to be fully conscious and attentive in the present, this would give us the possibility of experiencing our own development, right now.

If we offer a friendly ear and eye to every creature that we meet, we will come to understand how we could become tall and extremely powerful, without causing pain to the other as a result of this power. Instead, however, we try to hold on to the little power and superiority that we believe we have gained. If need be, we are ready to defend it and we try to fend off more powerful beings, who are superior to us in many ways, as best we can.

As a result, our life will become quite miserable, as we will only ever be faced by a boundary that is painful to us. In the course of time, we will come to experience a dark feeling of guilt within ourselves, for not having allowed sufficient flexibility to the spirit within us. Our conscience then speaks from within. It chastens us, and admonishes us to lose our fear. Perhaps we will let go of it for a brief moment, and, through our efforts and the Grace that always follows our good efforts, it could possibly be replaced by friendliness towards all living beings. Every being who, in one shape or another, finds a home for a while on Earth needs protection, and the stronger one therefore protects the weaker one in life. Once the human being has recognised this law, he will be able to make a contribution wherever his inner voice quietly requires this from him. In this way, he himself is immediately and continually protected, and nobody will be able to be found who, through breaking this law, could be made culpable towards him, the weaker one. Through friendliness, the being is sheltered by a mighty hand, and has a protection that no one could break or that could not deny the gentle heart.

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