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Updated: Jun 11

Tree message: Ash

Vice: Imperfection

Virtue:  Cultivation of spiritual knowledge

Relationship conflict:  Oppression (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Being in your power

Homeopathic Support: Elaterinum

Inspirational figure: Florence Nightingale

Brain area: Medulla oblongata

Brain Modulation Story: The gift of silence

Organ: Heart / Vascular network

Chemical Element: Lithium

Development phase: Year 3 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Feels separated deep in his heart / Develops preferences that lead to darkness / Hardening of the heart through heartbreak / A person feels lost in the world  

In the light:

Connects opposites / Turns away from the negative side / Illuminates the positive side within himself / Finds within himself the connection to what is separated

Keyword / Rejuvenation:

The forgotten energetic cord to the great Holy Father rejuvenates everyone who feels exhausted.


Elevating your consciousness level occurs in two categories: on the unconscious and conscious levels. A person must experience both within themselves so that these forces, which appear separate, lean towards each other and, through their friction, sustain the fire of life. The luminous unity seemingly takes root in earthly life on the rich ground of duality. Thus, light (the spiritual fire within you) and sound (the law of karma of cause and effect) unite.

OPPRESSION (Conflict that shows in our relationships)To be restricted more than is normal will make one feel suppressed. To be able to expand during the ups and downs of life is essential to the vitality of a human being. In the same way as a tree, over the years, requires space to stretch out its roots and its crown, this is also necessary for a human being. Suppression through limitation must be understood in its different categories. Depending on the circumstances, a human being may suffer from spatial, emotional or mental limitation. Sometimes, however, he may also suffer from all three at the same time, as one tends to accompany the other. These categories must first be differentiated in order for specific changes to be able to take place in the person’s life.

As we learn to share by being part of the human community, we also must learn to make certain demands for the benefit of our individual development. One person may learn quickly and naturally in one area, while another person may make progress more quickly in a different one. To harmonize with one another and to declare one’s needs without thereby “bulldozing” the other person gives us a strength that can be developed in the human heart through generous behaviour.

The awareness of this energy for growth and zest for life in the other person makes us strong andpowerful. The power that can develop from this, however, is characterised by a gentle grip, which helps to support both the other person and ourselves in our actions, instead of restraining them.

In the same way as a tree can develop different strengths during the course of the seasons – some reaching outwards to find space, while others reach inwards in order to summon up strength for the next period of growth - so also must the human being heed his own cycles, the ups and downs of his own vitality and energy. When these are harmonised with those of the partner, the strengths of both can blend together into one powerful rhythm.

In this way, not only will each partner establish his own space and stability over the course of time, but, through the virtue of true modesty, both will learn that it is, in fact, precisely this attention for one another that will help ensure a painless birth within the cycles of time.

Continually paying conscious attention to the rhythm of life will cause the understanding for the deeper contexts between the nature of the human being and his spirit to grow. This will prepare the human being to accept new things with joy and confidence, even during difficult transformation phases. When we observe Nature, we also observe the Spirit, and it is as if we are reading in a golden book. In this way, we learn, and ignorance transforms itself into knowledge of the different contexts. In the end, we are truly and completely free from all suppression, wherever it may arise from. Our relationship with our partner and the release from our common compulsions have perhaps been a first step towards sincerity and togetherness in the sense of spiritual freedom, in which the study of the rhythms of nature as a holistic entity has been our just teacher.

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