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Updated: Jun 11

Tree message: Fir

Vice: Stagnation

Virtue: Purification of Existence

Relationship conflict: To b silenced (Read below)

Conflict Solution: To speak up

Homeopathic Support: Arsenicum Album

Inspirational figure: Yehudi Menuhin

Brain area: Cingulate Gyrus

Brain Modulation Story: Stardust

Organ: Nose / Bronchi

Chemical Element: Helium

Development phase: Year 2 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Holds on to the past / Blocks mental growth / Feelings and needs are not communicated enough

In the light:

Resolves emotional entanglement by allowing life to flow / Becomes flexible and open for change / Communicates clearly what they want or not

Keyword / Letting Go:

By learning how to go within and listen, the individual remains in the flow of life.


An individual dedicated to lifelong learning and growth will soon encounter a teacher. A true teacher knows the power of discipline and can guide the student in searching for the ultimate truth. Life/Nature itself strives only towards mastery and perfection. Nature, therefore, is a role model for humanity to strive for excellence. The laws of life/nature are supreme. She sometimes mirrors quite bluntly her strict side and determining power.


Flexibility brings joy in life and independence, but it is restricted when you are looking for something outside of yourself. The foundation for addiction starts when people constantly chase something outside of themselves. It is an expression of searching yet without a reason that flows from a place of clarity, calm, and stillness within your being. Searching without a reason from within robs the power of intelligence and leads to detours and wrong paths. Life offers a lot of distractions and temptations. If you give in to distractions or temptations, getting lost on your path is easy. Thus, you lose the power and strength within your being. The way out is through connecting within. There, you'll reconnect with your innate intelligence, which guides your rational intelligence, helping you to take intelligent actions.

2nd Year of Life (13-24 Months) Separation-Transition Phase: In this life phase, the child practices its very first attempts at standing up. It alternates between moving away from the mother's breast and returning to it. Stimuli from the outside world loosen the bond between mother and infant. It is the first phase where mother and infant instinctively practice separating from each other.

TO BE SILENCED (Conflict that shows in our relationships)

In its innermost being, silence has two faces. One face is characterised by tranquillity, which creates all that is Great. The other, drawn by speechlessness, will be forced to show its countenance to the world at those times in which the changes in the cycles cannot be adequately lived in rhythm.

In the same way as there are times of silence during a human relationship between partners, so also are there times when it is absolutely necessary to concentrate, understanding, so

that one can achieve in one’s mind that which has to be put into the world by the Word, and to also point out boundaries. Speech is a divine gift, which only Man has received in this perfected form, as a tool in dealing with his fellow man.

A tool must never remain unused, however, because it is only ready for meaningful use through its presence in the hand of Man. The speech of man should not only be used, but should also provide stimulation, because, in this way, it always gives a spark of light to the opposite party. And this is what the Spirit of Truth deep in the heart of every human being hopes for. To be speechless, on the other hand, is to miss the opportunity of making contact through the word, and is a habit that will result in an imbalance in the interpersonal equation, which will have consequences.

As a result, each of the partners is then trapped. One is trapped in silence, and feels ungratefulness, both in himself and in the other, and remains alone in his lack of expressiveness. The other possibly lives for the other, raises his voice and is in charge, but also remains alone.

Finding the right balance in communication with one another is the key. Often, restraint is quite simply renunciation. This strength, which the human being may make use of in contrast to his active role in life, helps him if it can result in him experiencing the truth about his own responsibility. The human being who can remain silent will learn how renunciation can be a relief in the truest sense of the word.

The Spirit of Silence will then sow his seed, and will become golden within the innermost being of a tranquil person, who learns the true meaning of listening. There, the seed then grows, and, for both personalities, self-determination will be a rich harvest in their partnership in the future. The inauspicious Spirit of

Severity, who had possibly been dwelling in their midst for a long time, will evaporate, and it will soon be as if the Bitter One had never been there.



People should always be aware of their root strengths as they align themselves with the light. The fir tree draws strength from its alignment with the light without forgetting its roots, which send power into each expanse of its roots.

The primary source of energy for the fir tree lies in its root area, which extends to the lowest part of the trunk. From this part of the tree, a large area of the soil around the tree nourishes itself. The soil area around the tree that draws its energy from that lower part of the fir trunk is the size of the broadest part of the radius of the crown.

This area of the tree's root creates a strong magnetic force, attracting the sun's energy. This results in an intense exchange effect between the magnetic field the Fir tree generates and the power of the sun's force. In short, the fir trees draw in the sun's energy.

Thus, it shows that a healthy root energy allows the sun's energy to nourish the Earth.

When viewed collectively, the energy of various fir and pine trees forms a profound connection with humans. The fir trees remind humans of our root energy, which flows freely through every needle and throughout the bark. The root energy is everywhere all the time.

Life is a constant flow, a rhythm that echoes in the fir trees and in us, humans. This energy flow is vital for our physical well-being, ensuring optimal oxygen supply to our cells and efficient oxygen uptake in our lungs. It reflects the natural laws that govern our environment, which we, in turn, mirror in our cellular spaces.

Cleaning out our cell spaces, we reach a state of clarity in our lungs, and our breath adjusts to the natural rhythm of life.

When we consider the Earth's root energy, it acts on the Earth as the original. The mirror, in which the original can recognize itself, is the breath or the lungs. This coordination of the original, the cell space, and the mirror lung allows the original to enter another level, which also owns its corresponding mirror.

We can imagine this with a model before our eyes: Imagine two pyramids standing with their tips on each other. The two tips where the pyramids touch are like the eyes of the needle.

Metaphorically speaking, if a person on Earth awakens and asks about its origin, the Christ-consciousness within that person awakens, too. The awakening process requires the eye of the needle, which is impossible when the two pyramids are standing on top of each other with their bases facing down. If that's the case, the individual is sleeping and not awake.

The eye of the needle where the two pyramids meet represents an individual's awakening. In this moment, the human being forms anew, and the feeling of recognizing the path in another dimension arises. The eye of the needle between the two newly ordered pyramids, now standing tip to tip, allows recognition of where our heart center (heart chakra) can find its place. Love lives at the junction between two worlds, which form a unit and open the door to a higher dimension.

The root force enables breathing. Through oxygen intake, nutrients can run through all cells. The nutrients follow the oxygen flow, making them the guide, as the nutrients can only get to their destination through oxygen. Arrived at their destination, the nutrients transform. This transformation process is closely related to the element of fire. Fire creates heat. Waste materials remain and ash.

Carbon dioxide forms through burning. Similarly to oxygen, carbon dioxide now becomes the guide for removing waste products from the human body. All waste products from all cell spaces need removal; the critical organ is the colon, where the waste products are gathered and excreted.

Inadequate removal of waste products leads to chronic toxic waste and unwanted waste in connective tissue. The colon is a mirror of what is happening within our intercellular spaces, and unremoved waste products create a disturbance in it.

The organs of the lung and large intestine are like siblings. They are mirrors to each other.

When we reflect on the original and mirror levels, we start opening our heart chakra. The flow between the lower and upper pyramids through our hearts opens. The lower pyramid represents the physical dimension, and the upper pyramid represents the spiritual dimension.

Similarly, good cooperation between the colon (lower pyramid) and the lungs (upper pyramid) is vital and creates flow. That flow activates our heart chakra. If the heart chakra is free because we surrender to the flow of life, we can untangle emotions that no longer serve us.

Significant progress exists in modern science. However, people are not yet able to enter into harmony with the elements as we delve into the level of analysis. In that case, we move away from the overview of the cosmic connections in nature. We can transform only when our attention returns to the power of love. With and through love, we can access universal love. Never underestimate the power of love, as it is the key to the higher dimension of true healing.

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