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Updated: Jun 11

Tree message: Sequoia

Vice: Hardening

Virtue:  Gentleness

Relationship conflict:  Stinginess (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Kindness

Homeopathic Support: Digitalis purpurea

Inspirational figure: Nelson Mandela

Brain area: Region of the cerebellum

Brain Modulation Story: In the well of eternity

Organ: Mouth / trachea / larynx / lungs

Chemical Element: Beryllium

Development phase: Year 4 (Read below)

In the shadow:

The own shadow hides in the sea of emotions / One does not know his point of view / One feels like giving more than receiving.

In the light:

A person becomes aware of hidden emotions. The ME consciousness transcends to SELF-consciousness. Senseless sacrifice is replaced with calmness and peace.

Keyword / Rest

Difficulty and tiredness lead to taking a break. Rest is a welcoming relief. The physical and spiritual dimensions unite in this state of calm and peace.


Achieving great things in life is more than an individual effort. It takes a team to accomplish good things. Working together and helping each other to flourish strengthens our bond of community.


We have an infinite variety of experiences that all of us gather in life. It is essential to transform these experiences into understanding consciously. That understanding happens in the silence of our inner being and leads to knowledge about reality and truth. That is true power. However, we risk losing this power again if we lack mindfulness and reverence for life. Reverence for life connects us to the greater whole.

We remember the essence of who we are through reverence. Looking for role models who mirror these qualities is essential to personal growth.

4th year - (37th-48th month) Maturation-Stabilization Phase During this phase, the child learns to create transitions in the budding formation of their small personality. It develops the courage to transition from the family's space to a larger community space. Transitioning also means being able to return at any time. The relationship from "I" to "you" grows into "we" and then back again, from "you" to "I." The fourth and back phase, from the "I" to "you" to "we," helps the individual mature and stabilize his personality. Here lies the seed to eventually move from "I" to "SELF."

STINGINESS (Conflict that shows in our relationships)

From the very beginning, all living beings have developed survival strategies. These change with the living being, and could be cultivated to the highest levels if we humans could discover the understanding to see the sense behind all diversity with a deep, empathic eye. Anyone who has learned to observe the water on earth in all its diversity will understand that the river must always follow a course of change that levels out the opposites along its path.

The works of man are characterised by his actions, and everything that he makes with his hands, how and with what actions he brings it about, will, in the end, give the completed action its particular note, and, sometimes, also a special mark. Starting the work, taking the actions within it and finishing it all take place within the change over the course of time. The Spirit of Give and Take rules. If it is well disposed towards the human being, because, through his pure thoughts, the latter submits to the community in gratitude for the ruling order, the human being will not obstruct himself by unclean actions. He creates and works through the power of his hands, and these are always accompanied by his good thoughts.

Finding a true task for oneself can only happen when the human being learns to be just in his relations with his fellow men. The quiet voice of the conscience is the very last to die. Only the inner ear is sometimes not ready and open.

But, if the human being is alone with his task, and feels dismayed and made heavy by his earthly existence, he can change course by refraining from criticism. The power of differentiation helps him to create strategies, although these tend to value the concept of war in the person who does not yet truly know. In peace, the human being will help his fellow men without any fear of losing something valuable, and will soon forget how to refuse to cooperate. In this way, he will at some stage lose his fear of loss completely. He will also lose the fight, and forget all the strategies for holding onto what cannot be held, and it exactly this that will make out his greatness.

Greatness is a prize that can only reveal itself to the world if one’s hands are free for participation in the great work of the community. For many people, a partner for life, and understanding for him, is a good start.

Just like the human being, the good spirit of all development walks in steps, and, in the same way as the human being places one foot in front of the other when walking forward along his path, and often stumbles at first while still practicing, he will learn from his own efforts that success is crowned by the sacrifice of deficiencies. Fear comes in many shapes and forms, living their own lives in the course of time. Everything we receive, we will also return, as nothing belongs to us and, for precisely this reason, all would be available to for us if only we could find the path that leads to inner wealth. And then we would also understand the secret of a dual, paradoxical world that holds a mirror in front of our face.

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