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with Daniel Marty

Hello, I am Daniel Marty, and I work with women and men who are ready to forge a new path forward in life. It's a journey that requires your participation and embraces all of who you are. The reward of doing 'the work' is priceless. It is a life filled with joy, clarity, purpose, direction, and new possibilities. Are you one of them?

Our conversations will zoom in on a challenge (opportunity) you are facing and present you with new tools and processes that will make you feel empowered and ready to take new steps in the right direction. Whether we discuss a personal or professional issue, it will require you to let go of many of the ideas you have about yourself or how you see the world. Our work together is not the mainstream coaching where the focus is mainly on achieving external goals. We take a different direction. With my help, you unlock themes and patterns in your life that are preventing you from thriving.  If this resonates with you, we should talk.

Without deeper self-awareness, most of us keep looking to compensate for our perceived inadequacies by pursuing the next goal, more things to do, or ways to be, constantly on the run to fill that seeker within ourselves with more. We work hard to get more success, more "clicks" or "likes", more pieces of training, more techniques, and more things that feel good for a while and then disappear. But let's be clear about a fundamental rule of life. None of us can make any real progress unless we are willing to address our own flaws and failings.  Most of us skip that part and as a result we stay in denial of what's really going on in our life. Why - because we don't want to hear or see the truth about our shortcomings. Yet by  keeping our lives in familiar (immature) patterns for years, we are also crippling our ability to feel connected, alive, creative, inspired, and free. Even outer success, as great and enjoyable as it may seem, is not a solid foundation for maturity and a fulfilled, purpose-driven life. 

There's another way. It's a path forward that embraces change, challenges, and uncertainty without the need to control or show off a picture-perfect facade at work, at home, or on social media - a way of being yourself that is innate, authentic, and whole. We can access our strength, clarity, and confidence within instead of chasing them on the outside. The path I am proposing to you is different from what you hear and see in the mainstream. It's a quantum leap into feeling connected and alive with yourself, others, and how you show up in the world. It's a great feeling when you wake up and know clearly, why you are here and doing what you love. 

Although our work together is fun and insightful and can open up new possibilities for you - don't expect it to be easy. This soul work is too vital and valuable to qualify as easy. Besides, you are hiring me to tell you the truth, not how wonderful you are. Everything with great value requires understanding, practice, perseverance, and resilience. Our work together is no different. Yet if you commit to this transformational work, don't be surprised if it is the best investment you have ever made. Here's what a client says about working with me.

I received a thousand times more than what I expected. I learned so much about myself and how I can create real success, health and well-being for myself and my family. I would recommend Daniel's life coaching, workshops and trainings to everyone!

G. Kumar

I bring decades of experience in teaching, coaching, running my own business, growing apart and then closer together in a marriage, failing, succeeding, connecting, relating, and studying life with extraordinary teachers.


You bring all of you and a commitment to open-hearted, undefended conversations. You are willing to explore yourself and move forward with conscious, aligned actions. 

You can hire me short or long-term to get you back into the flow of life, and we will work closely together. It requires your time, energy, and financial investment. Please email me if you think this might be for you.

To your prosperity, health and wellbeing!

Daniel Marty


Professional Education:

2010-2012 - Dahn Yoga Master Training / 2 year training

2001-2005 - Holistic Body work training / WATSU / 2 year training

1998-2001 - Conflict management/mediation/coaching / 2 year degree / now

1998-2001 - Organizational Development & Coaching / 3 year training -

1994-2006 - Educator in various Swiss schools 

1990-1994 - Bachelor in Education / Lehrerseminar Rickenbach / 4 year degree

1985-1990 - Fine Finish Carpentry / 4 year degree  

Lifestyle & Career Choices:

1994-present - Daily whole food, mostly plant based diet

1998-present - Daily 60-90min stillness/meditation practice 

2010-present - Daily 20min holistic movement practice

2016-present - Super-host on VRBO / AIRBNB /

2016-present - Self Employed / Owner of Orcas Home Contracting

2018-present - Infinite Body Movement and yoga teacher

2020-present - Monthly coaching sessions 

2022-present - Bed&Breakfast, retreat and workshop hosts

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