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Updated: Jun 14

Tree message: Pine

Vice: Fear

Virtue: Fearlessness

Relationship conflict: Devaluation (Read below)

Conflict Solution: Appreciation

Homeopathic Support: Hamamelis virginia

Inspirational figure: Leo Tolstoi

Brain area: Prefrontal Cortex

Brain Modulation Story: The sad fruit of quarreling

Organ: Tongue / Skin

Chemical Element: Hydrogen

Development phase: Year 1 (Read below)

In the shadow:

For many of us, life feels like an ongoing battle for survival.

We find ourselves enduring hardships.

We grapple with existential fears and uncertainty.

In the light:

You gain valuable insight and understanding from hardships.

You develop grit to endure.

You gain self-confidence from overcoming difficult situations in life.

Keyword Grief:

Before entering the physical world, we know our interconnectedness with life. When we are born, we grieve as we enter a physical world with all its boundaries and limitations. We require Grace to help us transform that fundamental grief. Through Grace, we can see our grief in a new light, work through it, and move forward.


Our birth thrusts us into the structures of the earth and the material world. Immersed in this world, we must delve into all circumstances and things. As we find our footing, we begin to comprehend the laws of the material world. True realism, rooted in a profound understanding of our interconnected, multidimensional nature (beyond death), empowers us to strive for ideals in an imperfect world.


Before a person makes a new start, the power of the beginning is already at work within him. It may seem that the soul is sleeping and dreaming. Yet, without you knowing. Your soul is already working and planning for the future of a rich and fulfilling life for you. The forces of your past shape the dream of your soul and weave your past seamlessly into your future. No one can separate his past from the future. Your past is your inheritance for the future.

1st Year (0-12 Months): Regeneration-Remembrance Phase

The newborn regenerates from the effort of birth, from transitioning from one space to another. It also regenerates from all efforts and irritations in the prenatal phase. Through the alternation of sleep and nourishment, securely at the mother’s breast, the infant remembers its vision in its dream-oriented life. (HCS – STAR)

DEPRECIATION (Conflict that shows in our relationships)

Through his individuality, every human being gains his own experiences. These experiences, which shape his character, are transformed into insight during the course of his life, from which source he can then draw. To show leniency towards the development process of the other will transform the dark seeds of intolerance and, in time, will render them harmless. The word “tolerance” was originally borrowed from the Latin „tolerare“, which means as much as "to endure". If we understand that this word is also related to patience, then we will also understand that, in this context, the depreciation of a person or the depreciation of his behavior has something to do with our own personal impatience.

If we ourselves feel depreciated time and again, we can check by looking into our past behaviour, into where and to what extent we ourselves have depreciated others. If we are honest with ourselves, we will learn about the dark Spirit of machination, and how this Spirit creates weakness between people through dispute and discord. Something that happened to us, and which now seems unjust in the present, has perhaps grown from our own self, and is being shown as in a mirror. Once we have obtained clarity about reflections or projections, we will also recognise that only forgiveness, and the renunciation of continuing in the same old way, can now rescue us, in the present time, from those dark entanglements that have resulted from a chain of circumstances in the past.

This knowledge about the circumstances makes us strong, and, from then on, we will quietly pay attention to how we relate to others. We will learn to linger in attentiveness, and, from then onwards, we will minutely check the following criteria:

Do we value or devalue our fellow human beings in thought, word and action?

Are we benevolent in our interaction with them?

Can we present and pursue our needs in all honesty?

And are we also always prepared to help people in their inadequacies, wherever we can?

Or do we remain indifferent, and slowly find our hearts hardening, deep down?



The pine tree only attains its impressive appearance once it has grown old.

When you look at its appearance, you can clearly discern the many hard times it has endured over the years. We experience the cold winter days when the sun is there but lacks strength to warm us. We experience the cold rain and the wind, which shakes the branches and causes the trunk to tremble.

With steely willpower, the tree fights year after year against life. In winter, it pulls its sap back to its roots to connect with the earth again. Only in this way can it survive the winter. During this time, it forms a strong connection with the earth. This connection becomes so strong that the pine tree forgets to be a tree. He simply forgets his original purpose which is to bridge the gap between heaven and earth.

But as soon as the first warmth emerges, which reminds it of its origins in the light, the life force rises from the root area and once again separates it from the dark earth.

This always happens when the merging with the dark earth made him forget his purpose to orient himself upwards into the light.

Thus, every spring requires reorientation, as the tree’s energy suddenly concentrates, and the pine loses the beginning fusion with the earth. In other words the pine tree almost lost lost his identity by merging too much with the earth during the winter. And if that would happen it would be the death of the pine tree.

The central nervous system with brain and spinal cord, and the bony system, the skeleton, belong to the sphere of influence of this tree.

At the beginning of life, the true idea of its purpose is still clear - to align oneself with the spiritual light. That is the urging impulse of every cell.

The nervous system is the connecting piece between the soul, mind, and physical body.

Where do you get the strength to grow during early childhood and adolescence? That strength comes from the spiritual-soul source. It is the main energy responsible for creating and maintaining our physical bodies. Unfortunately due to various reasons men and women forget this spiritual-soul-source connection over time. Instead we keep connecting more and more with the earthly aspects of life.

The nervous system is being hijacked from its original purpose. It's original purpose was to be the connecting force between our bodies, minds and souls.

The more the human being occupies themselves with earthly things, the more they become material. Matter is condensed energy and no longer carries any light in itself. The material becomes heavy, sluggish.

We have aspirations and goals. Every time we set out to accomplish a task we lose a little bit of our original light energy. That light energy runs through the nervous system all the way into the earthly dimension.

The nervous system works with light energy. Light is the driving force that governs all higher functions. It penetrates every cell of the body.

Every cell in our body receives its vital information from the light, which runs through our nervous system. The quality of that light energy that runs through our central nervous system is regulated by our chakras (Sanskrit light-wheel)

If the person is in a state of mental and spiritual balance, the connection with the light is ensured. However, if the chakras supply less light into the central nervous system, it can lead to malfunctions in areas supplied by this life-sustaining principle.

If less light is received in an organism, deficiencies are the result in certain areas. It's very smart of our bodies that at first non-vital areas are affected by a lack of light energy. However the longer this condition persists (low original soul-source llight energy supply)the more life-sustaining areas are affected.

The good news ist, a low or high light source flow always depends on the orientation of each individual person. If a person primarily focuses on the mental-spiritual-soul principle, then less deficency occur. If they allow themselves to be seduced by the earthly and even lose themselves in it, then negative emotional states arise from it, growing into states of deficiency. Recognizing the misalignment always leads to a new beginning, which brings us back to orientation.

The development of the spine is a reflection of the central nervous system. In the younger years, the goal of orientation is a straight line, because the connection to the soul-spirit principle is intact, and the earthly share is in clear alignment with the mental-spiritual realm.

After every misalignment, the learning process leads to a new beginning and thus to another orientation towards the light. However, depending on the extent of the emotional share of this misalignment, changes in the body, particularly in the areas of the bone system corresponding to the affected areas, will deviate from the healthy, completed image.

The human being is complete as a soul-spirit principle. If they connect to deep with matter, they dissolve the connection with their great original soul-spirit-source. This source is seen as the higher self on earth. It is the true original, which represents a higher self for us.

All disturbances in the bone system are also indications of misalignments. The tooth roots belong to this soul system, with the visible part of the tooth being the reflection of the dental root.

In the finer energetic realm, the mind or spirit helps us correct a restricted belief system that has arisen through immersion in matter, restoring us to alignment. If this higher principle is not recognized, it can lead to diseases. In other words, the disease is shaking our way of life and forces us to pause and reflect.. For example, we are forced to interrupt the seemingly active life, to initiate a new orientation process.

The spirit of the tree helps us to overcome life crises in which we feel that we can no longer "stand our ground." If we are very absorbed in the material world, we often get anxious about losing our connection. Often, we are not consciously aware of this. We cannot recognize the deeper meaning of the fear at this stage. Even the meaninglessness of life in restricted belief systems can steal the joy of living from us. Likewise, there develops a fear of missed opportunities and a fear of misjudgments, which we unconsciously sense, causing us to no longer grasp true life behind things.

Misunderstanding, as the opposite of insight, begins to occupy a space in us, and the true task as the goal in life fades. We stop seeing our task clearly and begin to give up. The disorientation causes aimlessness to spread in life. Sometime we even feel that there is no meaning in life often fueled by repressed feelings of guilt to light.

The spirit of the pine gives us back our intuition through its elixir, which we have lost and which we urgently need at this point to not get lost. We are often proud to be grounded in our realistic view of the world. Yet realism without intuition is a fragmented way of living and leads us onto a dark path in life.


It is cold in some places where the sun seems so far away. There, it does not have the power, as in other areas, to set matter in motion. Therefore, the ground in those places is cold and sometimes frosty for a long time. However, there are places on Earth where, even though the sun is near, it does not allow the ground, the material garment of Mother Earth, to bring about warming because it does not produce friction.

Even this ground, even this garment of the clothes of Mother Earth, is the one on which the family of pines strikes their roots. There, the spirit of the pine also chooses its place of residence, where a challenge for life reveals itself to him. Like the children of God, the humans on Earth seek out the challenges of Earth that life poses. No ground appears to the spirit of the pine hard enough to try everything in every part of the world. Where it succeeds, it slowly rises, marked by many resistances.

Ask the spirit of the pine about this growth through life, and he will gladly tell you what keeps the world spinning.

If I look back (me, the pine tree) into the book of history to find my beginning, I admit I have forgotten it. It has been such a long time since I remember my beginning. Therefore, I know little about the pine goals' beginning and end. Yet deep within myself, I begin to sense it: that all the pines and my spirit in them are rooted in oneness with Mother Earth.

Is this first step of realization in me already done? Then my thinking changed, and I noticed that my alignment within me was being directed upwards as if by a miraculous hand. It is as if my old brother, who has been wandering on the Earth for a long time, now directs his head toward the light.

His rigid limbs have become like solid branches, and his body stiffens over the years against the obstacles. His body does not bend; it is stiff and ungainly. But he knows that what moves within him now changes not only him but also the world in which his roots grew.

My spirit recognizes all the trees and green brothers who have struggled from the ground up. Yet I do not know how to bend and be flexible with the wind if even the hard ground I stand, so hard and scarcely rooted, does not allow me to.

It forced me to fight to rise. When the snow pressed on me, and the icy wind wore me down for many years, I did not give up, and often, I was unsure if there was another page for me in the Book of Life.

Yet neither defiance, pain, nor quarrel could bring the master of life within me to give up. That original unshakeable will to live was the force that kept me going, and I grew stronger with every challenge. 

I did not have the luxury to entertain the thought of where this strength in me came from. I lived the hardships of everyday life, and all around me, I saw my pine brothers engaged in the same struggle of surviving one day at a time. They wore the same green coat as myself and believed in the same spirit to survive. None of us knew anything else. We knew our ground was hard and rocky, and it was challenging to grow roots on. Slowly, time passed, and we tried our best to thrive in this demanding environment. Yet time was not something we were concerned with either. Time was just another challenge that life had in store for us.

But once upon a time, and all pine trees know this, a wise old pine spirit came to visit each of his pine brothers. The wise one gifted each pine tree a golden cross. He put it on each of their roots and then began to tell his story. He read the story of the meaning behind the golden cross. Once he finished with the story, every single pine tree started to weep, and tears from all my brothers fell onto the soil.

The teardrops of my pine brothers contained a lot of old grief. Yet, more importantly, they also now include the story of love told by the wise old pine spirit.

The tears fell onto the hard ground and started to soften the soil. The sun rays continued the transformation started by the tears of love and grief. The long suffering of the lost memory of love that burdened the pine spirit for such a long time came finally to an end.

The ground, which was so hard before, began to soften through the fallen tears of the pines, and so the spirit of my pine brothers became softer and milder as well; we all recognized that his long journey of hardship, which was complex and burdensome, is now coming to a beautiful end.

Many pines had accepted the challenge of a hard life, taking their task despite many resistances. Even the smallest among the pine trees accepted their circumstances and accomplished what none of their delicate, soft brothers had achieved.

Great is the gratitude in the hearts of their green, fine-fibrous siblings, and just as great should be our gratitude towards our knottier human brothers.

If you begin to tell them the story of the golden cross of love, then start remembering their beginning and their ending. Yet the most crucial thing your human brother suffering hardship will understand is this: The spirit within all forms, regardless of their shapes, sizes, or circumstances, is the same for all of us.

If you meet someone who has suffered hardship like me, tell him the story that once caused deep grief in my Pine brothers. 

It is the story that the great spirit gave to all who suffer. It's the story of carrying your cross with dignity and how you will be relieved from your burden through grace and love when you least expected it.

Let me tell you what happened to the tears that fell onto the ground from the hearts of my knobby, old brothers. The tear turned into ice. Yet the fire of love, which the great spirit ignited in their hearts, was now burning fiercely with love. It melted the icy teardrop. It turned into warm water, giving the hard soil what it needed to transform the memory of suffering hardship. Finally, my pine brothers let go of all their struggles.

We pines knew nothing of the great spirit alive in the material world and in the ground. We are so thankful to remember him again. We were hopeless in our struggle for survival and not aware of his presence within us. 

When we recognized who was living within our knobby branches, we knew things could change. Hopelessness transformed into high expectations. Should we be reborn, we look back upon difficult circumstances that we faced during a lifetime. And although our lives were hard, we always had heaven above us. We are now able to help our brothers. We reminded them to look up into the sky instead of down into the material, earthly plane. 

Nurture yourself and your spirit with the invisible energy of the great spirit: life itself. And nothing will bend your spirit anymore. The heavy wind, rain, ice, and snow broke your branches, but it can't touch your soul. You may feel like you do not have any strength left to stay upright, yet no one can break you at your core. The power that runs through your spirit will always be victorious over any of your struggles. The law of separation will always yield to that power at the end.

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