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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Pear tree

Vice: Hold on to

Virtue:  Renunciation

Relationship conflict:  Jealousy (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Acceptance

Homeopathic Support: Causticum

Inspirational figure: Samuel Hahnemann

Brain area: Gyrus Supramarginalis

Brain Modulation Story: In the home of the phoenix

Organ: Thymus / Lymphatic vessels

Chemical Element: Oxygen

Development phase: Year 8 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Lack of devotion / Resistance through pain / Doesn't know how to transform pain into insight / Feelings of inferiority, especially in the intellectual area.

In the light:

Sometimes, we need to give up our old ways / Start a new chapter after a hurtful event a long time ago / Allowing the feminine power of intuition to come through.

Keyword / Dedication:

For the student, a role model inspires. For the role model, the student represents hope.


Consciously direct one's mindset towards the positive side. Strive for independence for yourself and the suffering you see in the world. You don't need to give up on yourself to improve the world. Through grace and when the time comes, everyone has the strength to liberate themselves.


When someone has experienced pain, they often want to help others avoid or circumvent it. They may become nurturing and concerned rather than buoyant and v visionary. The weight of earthly existence becomes more prominent. Their heaviness increases, burdening their life more and more. This worry can become a strain, overshadowing human existence. The balance between the two polar forces, which the ancient Chinese referred to as Yin and Yang, becomes disrupted. The feminine, heavy side increasingly takes up more space, weakening the soul's strength. It also undermines the psyche and makes the physical level sluggish.

8th Year - (85th to 96th Month) Creative Integration Phase

The structure provided to the child within the family and community encourages the child to adopt principles of order and contribute creatively to improving and potentially optimizing these structures. For the child to gradually grow into this societal role, they need to develop a certain acceptance of difficulties, obstacles, and challenges. The community's tolerance is also necessary. The ability to accept must be learned, just like everything else in the child's past developmental phases.

JEALOUSY (Conflict that shows in our relationships) Coming to terms with feelings of rivalry is an ancient, yet ever recurring feature of the human being in his dealings with his fellow men. It is as old as humanity itself. Dealing with this feeling in a positive manner allows the human being to develop within his tasks, because he learns to use his eyes. Negative associations will lead him into decline, or, in other words, will take him a long way backwards in his development steps. Even the repression of these feelings can never be of help to the human being in his dealings with others. For this reason, in connection with his partner, he is always called upon to forgive the other for his strength.

The strength that creates true greatness can only ever come from within the human being. From there, it is effective, and radiates into the world. If he looks closely at how the other manages to transmit his inner strength and courage into his external life, he can learn from him how to develop himself in a more complete way through the challenges of life.

If he does not look closely, he may perhaps very soon be defeated by life in a way that could never possibly please him in his unfortunate condition. Even if he dismisses his decline, he will not only lose a part of the strength he had already gained, but it will be harder for the defeated one to search for the reason of his decline in the one place that is correct, namely within himself. He will grow old without joy, because the recognition that he needs lies far beyond his reach.

Like a mother with her children, the emotional nature of the human being carries many feelings with it. The unpleasant feeling of jealousy also has its children. A complex mixture of fear and sadness, annoyance and lack of self-esteem makes the experience of the world of feelings so difficult and so painful. Guilt then follows like an even darker shadow, contributing to the fact that all those involved, but in particular the two partners, “feel as if they were the victim of a conspiracy“. The fiery and devouring Spirit of Anger then develops. Instead of uniting themselves by paying attention and learning „how is it done”, both lower their glance and find the mistakes that seem to almost invariably be made by the other.

But if the human being consciously lifts his glance, again and again, and looks at his partner with love and admiration, and perhaps also with marvel and quiet respect, both people will soon understand that the force of love for one another can be consciously promoted. To see the strength of the other, even when it still appears to be enveloped in a cloak of weakness, brings mutual happiness in life. The coldness transforms, and the ice melts, and the fire of love will soon cause the protective cloak to lose all the substance that was veiling the truth. In the same way as a seed in the earth breaks through its protective shell under the influence of warmth, so that the shoot can raise itself in confidence and growing strength, the nature of a human being is no longer bowed by a consuming passion. The good feeling and a loving heart, having found each other, encourage the understanding in both. Rivalry may then, perhaps, be transformed into positive competition and be a stimulator for their life together. Fruitfulness will then attain an important position in a life in which two beings were once separated through jealousy, and should arise as a witness to this.

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