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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Chestnut tree

Vice: Ignorance

Virtue:  Study of the holy scriptures

Relationship conflict:  Lust for power (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Restraint

Homeopathic Support: Natrium Muriaticum

Inspirational figure: Ludwig van Beethoven

Brain area: Gyrus Supramarginalis

Brain Modulation Story: The bath in holy water

Organ: Peripheral Nervous System

Chemical Element: Nitrogen

Development phase: Year 7 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Feels abandoned by another person / Experiences a shock or a crash / Life throws a curve ball in the form of material loss

In the light:

Through the experience of pain, we learn to be honest / Start spiritual growth by asking the question, "Why." / Resolves difficult/challenging situations

Keyword / Birth:

If the human heart closes behind a hard shell, then grace grants us the fall.


Freeing oneself from binding circumstances is not always easy. We perceive life as challenging. Yet, from a higher perspective, these hardships are in our favor. It gives a person the opportunity to let something go. In doing so, we learn humility and a deep understanding of the bigger picture beyond our difficulties.


We need the bigger picture of our circumstances. To get that higher perspective, we must first delve deeply into the experience, which might be a hardship. Of course, we don't choose that, but it is necessary.

We all fail sometimes. Please do not underestimate the value of the experience of failing, as you gain valuable insight from it. It also instills trust in a deeper meaning of life. Metaphorically speaking, imagine a seed that falls to the ground. The seed meets the circumstances and realities of the earth, and it even breaks. Breaking may not feel good for the seed, but it's the only way to prepare it for expansive growth and a bright future. It's the same with humans.

7th Year - (73rd to 84th Month) Phase of Intellectual Development Shaping The shaping of the child by the family and confident community members (educators) demands that the child be trained in their intelligence to use these intellectual abilities purposefully. The seriousness, as well as the playfulness, of this developmental phase, promotes the child's empathy towards the community. The balance between intellectual and intuitive, as well as inspirational talents (vocations), is established here at the outset.

LUST FOR POWER (Conflict that shows in our relationships who has power learns how to lead others, to suit either his own purposes, or the purposes of the community. But he must also learn that the freedom of the individual to achieve his own high goal is more important than anything else. If this fragile equilibrium in the actions of a human being is disturbed, or if the process of learning about power is only at its beginning, problems can easily arise between people. For that reason, it is always necessary to let go, time and again. The one who leads must reflect. But the one who allows himself to be led must also find the strength to regain his own life for himself through freedom of action. In this way, responsibility will find fertile soil within the human being. Through this strength, which holds the human being upright, and purifies his being, he will more and more able to understand how fragile this equilibrium really is. The centre appears to be fleeting guest. Again and again, the centre should be rediscovered through attentiveness in dealings.

To use power in the sense of the good Spirit is one option. To abuse power and strength, and, stimulated by dark powers, to extend them, brings great suffering and pain into the hearts of human beings. The suffering grows through the abuse of strength. And, in the end, when the tender bonds that once tied human hearts together have been broken, nobody will be able to remember exactly how and when this misery started among the now disoriented human beings. Ignorance is the root of the notion that the “ego” is important, and the human being who is occupied by his ego is therefore often incapable, weak and distressed. In his limitation, he thinks: you are that, I am this; that what you are, is not me; that what is good for you, is bad for me; I loose through what you win; I will only be happy when I can control you and your growth. This is the expression of spiritual ignorance, and the “I”, or the ego, is in fact its seed. Through the release from the ego and its craving for power, the human being is released from ignorance. And, in his wisdom and knowledge, he will be fully released from suffering.

Every human being has his own personal goal in mind, whether consciously or unconsciously. It leads him, even through his inner voice, purifies him through his conscience and urges him onwards, ever onwards. But God also once placed a common goal in the cradle of the human community, and the Father of us all counts on the power of memory. But are we aware of how it may help us? Like an evil dragon, the craving for power and negative strength simply devours our memories; it feeds on them. This sounds very distressing, but anyone who cannot understand it may perhaps cast a glance back into the past of our human history.

Often, we humans did not feel ourselves to be equal, and perhaps we even felt the exact opposite. And instead of uniting the diversity that flourished from our common roots by affection, we created a deep moat through power, and the truth about how interrelated we are has lost its vividness. Our power and strength have become veiled as a result. The courage that we need to release the spirit of truth has also been weakened.

It is not possible to ever conquer polarity, except through filling our hearts with attentiveness. To have courage, and to dare to plant delicate seedling of attentiveness into the world again and again, allows horizons to open up for us all. It will help us to find our centre again, even when it so often seemed to us to be completely lost. A spirit dwells among us human beings, and its name is justice. It is not always clear for us to see. But that is not due to the spirit. It is due to us, and the way in which we understand the meaning of life.

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