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Updated: Jun 11

Tree message: Birch

Vice: Compulsiveness

Virtue:  Making sacrifices

Relationship conflict:  Existential fears (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Pursuing goals

Homeopathic Support: Drosera

Inspirational figure: Mahatma Gandhi

Brain area: Hippocampus

Brain Modulation Story: Has a mighty tree fallen

Organ: Stomach

Chemical Element: Carbon

Development phase: Year 6 ( Read below)

In the shadow:

Feels victimized by others / Through being selfish, others can be manipulated / Greed and ambition.

In the light:

The person learns to let go / He/she learns to accept the will of others / Through letting go and accepting the will of others, freedom is possible for the individual and others.

Keyword / Greatness:

Sacrifice and letting go are the basis for actual gain.


The mind operates analytically and intuitively. The two sides can work together, yet this requires a clear conscience and awareness. The world around us appears divided, but not for a person whose mind is anchored in wholeness. Connecting our analytical and intuitive minds allows us to participate in the world and remain free.


Initially, we all have a limited understanding of ourselves, the world around us, and the events that unfold in our lives. In other words, our perspective is limited and blurred. How do we free ourselves from our limited perspective? It happens in our minds and the way we think. We must pull ourselves out of our restricted opinions and intellectual trivialities. If we practice that, our emotions become light. We attain calmness and even sense the sublime in everything we see.

6th Year of Life - (61-72 Months) Expansion Phase

At this stage in life, mental abilities expand. Adult family members and individual community members pass on a sense of responsibility to the child through role modeling, which fosters the child's drive for learning and growth on every level. This process also involves educational restrictions to protect the child from distress or risks.

EXISTENTIAL FEARS (Conflict that shows in our relationshipsThe force of growth and the force of decline and decay both have a companion. The first is of a joyful nature, while the other carries in his heart the grief of separation and suffering. One companion announces himself loudly, and encourages others, who are in a growth phase, with delight and joy. With his groans and cries, however, the other will possibly soon loose heart to such an extent that he will hasten away, quietly and without a word. The death of everything that once lived happily is pre-determined. Consciously or unconsciously, everything is aware of this transformation. The Guardian of the Threshold guides the human being and, in the end, will even carry him across the border into another world. In this other space, life is not finished; only the dimensions must change. Fear for the unknown can only take hold of the human being if trust has not yet been able to produce stable roots through experience. It is therefore necessary to substantiate the existence. And this is always linked with work, from which we cannot free ourselves, not even through somebody else. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, work is, was, and will be a key through which the human being can fully free himself from fear.

As the human being grows, he will soon learn how to value the strength of observation. Through this possibility, he will be able to free himself from a bottleneck through imitation. To have examples, is to have a key. This key opens the door to a consciousness that, in its beginnings, requires modesty. Because, without adaptation, the learning process, or, in other words, being led by experienced hand, can never be of use to the growing person. All learning takes place step by step. Until the very end, the human being must follow his path in this way. Even if he falls, he has many hands that will help him to be secure once again in stability and courage. Trust also only develops step by step, and, as experience, works far beyond all boundaries. Then, in its deepest sense, in the truest sense of the word, the Spirit of Trust has an immortal nature. But only he who has the moderation and patience to follow the laws of time will earn this honour as a golden sign.

If the human being is allowed to study the law of moderation and excess, and is perhaps even taught by a competent, exemplary teacher, he will understand that, in the heart of the human being that is now tranquil, the Spirit of Trust is able to speak about the Spirit of Enlightenment. He will then also learn that the human being cannot always expect from his partner, who is a fellow traveller for him here on Earth, that he alone will have the power to teach him wisely. Sometimes, the fellow traveller will not have a suitable answer to his questions. He is not always able to be an example in the relationship, and even, possibly, not at all. He is perhaps still growing himself, and, through the ups and downs in life, is perhaps fearful, or even in existential need, and feels himself to be alone and without means.

It is then best to look for a model, a teacher, a master of life, who knows the lessons to be taught. He will certainly be capable of helping the searcher for truth through the bottlenecks and trials of life, even when no one else seems to know how to go any further.

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