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Updated: Jun 11

Tree message: Linden

Vice: Passions

Virtue:  Self-Control

Relationship conflict:  Exposure (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Giving Support/Reassurance

Homeopathic Support: Solanum dulcamare

Inspirational figure: James Cook

Brain area: Region of the cerebellum

Brain Modulation Story: On a knife edge

Organ: Stomach

Chemical Element: Bor

Development phase: Year 5 (Read below)

In the shadow:

A person is angry because two opposing issues cannot be unified / Desires harmony, yet that can lead to one-sidedness / Perceived negativity, creates arguments and intolerance.

In the light:

One can unify apparent opposites / We can be aware of the laws of polarity while striving for harmony / Living in diversity and tolerance makes one a more open-hearted and open-minded individual.

Keyword / Movement:

Rhythm is born through movement. One opinion moves freely between another and back. The music of life sings and resonates through movement. In other words, listening to each other's experiences and beliefs with curiosity generates inclusiveness.


Sometimes, we must learn how to break up an unhealthy relationship with determination. This process teaches us what is good in a person's heart and what is not. The foundation of a healthy relationship can only be freedom. Freedom strives for perfection. Progress is the way forward. We can feel it when we progress or regress toward a better version of ourselves.


Keeping all our affairs in order can become a habit. Sometimes, this desire for order turns into wanting to control. Instead of rising in mindfulness and being detached, the human binds himself to the power to control and dictate. Wanting to control too much is a fertile ground for violence. If we continue on that path, it's a small step to creating rigid laws and dark principles.

EXPOSURE (Conflict that shows in our relationshipsViewed from a higher vantage point, the human being looks down upon a dual world. Just like the coin has two sides, the sun has a representative in the dark night. Because the sun sends its light to the moon, and the moon reflects it. Where the dividing line is found in the polarised world, there is also at the same time, a bridge of interconnection. It connects the two separated worlds with a golden bond, through love, so that both worlds can never truly be separated from each other. Friendship and enmity are two faces, the one light and the other dark. The individual being can also always make a new choice between these two possibilities of expression. If he is forthcoming, he will create the bridge on which love can be transformed. If he has to draw a boundary, however, the space that is created by the boundary is often a gain. Unfriendliness can create a boundary. But there is another possibility for creating structures. Yielding, in a higher sense, brings into the interpersonal play the ability to remain composed. Unlike an unfriendly, harsh or even hostile behaviour, it leaves an impression on the hearts of all involved. It offers relaxation and tolerance.

If a human being learns to understand that he must listen to his heart in his dealings with his partner, he will learn something about control functions. If he allows the other to change according to his own rhythm, he will free himself from the compulsion to control, and he will remain centred. Straightforwardness will be developed, instead of being at cross-purposes. This ability, which always challenges the human being, can then, like a flower, turn its face towards the light over the swamp of emotions, so that the heart can be completely healed. Who has not experienced, and learned to fear, the unkindness of beings in their living heart? It could have been so easy, though! To be forthcoming at the right moment, whenever those two hearts met – to be on a bridge together.

Perhaps the partners would then have together looked upon the flowing river of life from above – raised upwards, as it were. They would have felt that the heart of a human being is never truly alone, and there would have been no need of a boundary to provide protection. But everything is experience and, in every heart and at some time, it will bring the recognition that the heart is like a flower. The connection of the flower to the light is the true gain of the flower calyx.

Even while the blossom, still incomplete within the root, was only dreaming of opening, it held a secret within its heart.Its message to all beings had to be simple.

Whether stone, or plant, or animal or human being: Evolution has an obligation, has to be a bridge, and one must live according to this if one desires peace. Peace envelops us all and protects our life, and, without it, we would be left exposed, unprotected from the rigours and the ups and downs of life.

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