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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Walnutr tree

Vice: Wounded pride

Virtue:  Hygiene

Relationship conflict:  Free of pride (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Feeling exploited

Homeopathic Support: Calcium arsenicum

Inspirational figure: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Brain area: Amygdala

Brain Modulation Story: The word as a gift

Organ: Bile

Chemical Element: Manganese

Development phase: Year 25 (Read below)

In the shadow:

We suffer grief caused by transformation processes / These processes demand sacrifices to achieve a higher goal. Time is a helper—let time do the work. Impatience prevents time from building a bridge between opposites.

In the light:

Loss transforms earthly boundaries and gives rise to generosity / Cultivation of patience and gratitude / Seemingly senseless loss requires grief, which gives rise to a new beginning.

Keyword / Generosity:

Reconciliation leads to honesty


A solitary big tree knows the secret of its crown. Again and again, a branch broke out from it. It was a loss. But the urge to be a bridge between heaven and earth ultimately overcame all the painful aspects of earthly existence. At the heart of time is dignity; an old, wise tree has earned that dignity.


The loss of something good often strikes at the core of our being. Yet, from this loss, something new is born, a birth that resonates in our consciousness. The profound question of 'why' becomes a labor pain in this birth process. If we surrender to the wave and allow ourselves to move forward without resistance, we will always find the meaning. The answer will soon be born. The act of questioning holds a deep significance. It can be the spark that ignites a powerful connection.

25th Year LJ-(289th-300th month) Phase of Decision-Making Maturity - The SELF within the personality desires to give itself a form that has worth and validity. With the EGO, it will work together and show the world what it is. The power of self-awareness will create work beyond what we can perceive. The personality is now mature enough to make decisions and find the balance between many different forces. (Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) The family tree acts from its genetic root. Yet there is also a divine plan that knows its connection deeply in human history.

FEELING EXPLOITED (Conflict that shows in our relationships) The image of a vase containing a few red tulips can help us to understand what the real cause for this feeling is in a person. As a negative stress in our life together, this feeling of being exploited should not be underestimated. In order to understand this, we should go back a little into the lifetime of the tulips, while contemplating the flowers with our inner eye.

When the first green leaves push their way out of the bulb towards freedom under the influence of the warming spring sun, the flower’s being has only one a single purpose. It is to drive the growth process forward until the bright- coloured flower cup, and with it the seed that it contains, can reveal itself to the world. When this has been done, the seed of a new life also lies prepared at the bottom of the flower, but its awakening can only take place when the cycles of the time so determine. The entire development process of the flower was fuelled solely by its own force, from its own roots, and suitable conditions helped the process along.

What would have happened if the spirit of the tulip had not only concentrated on its own growth, but also on the development of its sisters? How much of its energy would have flowed out into the world, and would have been lost for its own use? Did it have the ability to sense in its inner being that the force available to it would be exceeded if it were not to concentrate on its own being with all the energy available for the development process?

The power of attentiveness is very precious. If it is diverted to other matters, for example to circumstances and facts that do not directly contribute to one’s own development, this highly valuable force will be divided, and be split again and again. In the same way as the full potential of the tulip’s development force is turned towards the light, so also should our spiritual growth potential be turned towards the light of the spirit, which can be found in our inner being. If this is not the case, our power of attentiveness will be split, and we perhaps lose our Self, our Soul, in the dual world of matter. Once we become aware of this danger that accompanies our development, we will also understand how important it is to ask ourselves the question of how we are orientated.

When we are dealing with something other than ourselves, we should time and again ask whether this is truly beneficial to our development, or whether, quite to the contrary, it is exhausting our life force. Because we only truly serve our community and the whole only becomes meaningful if we are firmly anchored in our own roots.

Our own task takes priority over all other tasks of this world. We can help, but we are not allowed to interfere. We can support other people and give them our attention, but only in those areas where it also makes sense for ourselves and for our own process of development. If it is not entirely clear to us that we must move within our own autonomy, then we will also not understand how it can happen that, as a result of circumstances, we have suddenly lost all strength for ourselves.

Every tulip in the vase has unfolded its growth from its own inner being and has carried itself through the elements and their stability. The beautiful flowers have given us an example, and when they appear to us in this image, we learn from them: each flower has thought of itself. Not one of them has sacrificed itself for the growth of a sister flower, or has allowed itself to be diverted from its own path.

Selflessness can only arise in the human being when we have gathered our attention into ourselves. Only then can a life in selfless service truly start. When one has created sufficient energy and spiritual strength in a particular area for oneself, and the seeds for a new fertility in this area of life also lie prepared, then it is useful to help where it appears to be important to offer help.

The image of the tulips in the vase has therefore helped us to understand the importance of directing our attention to our own sincerity. Sincerity in the truest sense of the word is an immense, luminous virtue among us human beings. It acts like a golden bond of support and understanding. A bond that, in this sense, is completely without negative sacrifice. Who among us is able to offer a testimonial of his understanding of how to handle his own strengths in a useful and even wise manner? Such a person never carries the uneasy feeling of being exploited within himself. We should make every effort to look for a person who can give us such a great example, who can offer such a testimonial. Because our task of truly understanding, that which is described here to its inner depth, and of implementing it into our life, has never been an easy task for we humans. And this will remain so in the future.

Obtaining support from an exemplary teacher who selflessly serves us and our development in the name of the Great Spirit would therefore be very beneficial for us, and extremely appropriate.

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