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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Acacia tree

Vice: Weakness

Virtue:  Strength

Relationship conflict:  Feeling of abandonment (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Sociability

Homeopathic Support: Filix mas

Inspirational figure: Master Eckehart

Brain area: Mesencephalon

Brain Modulation Story: A look full of awe

Organ: Digestive system

Chemical Element: Scandium

Development phase: Year 21 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Feels tired of continuing to serve / Feels aged by the passage of time and the resistance in the world / Is attacked in the spiritual realm by awakening the anger of others who do not like the light / Feels unaccepted

In the light:

Renaissance of the spirit / Deep understanding of the dark side in the world gives clarity and strength / Can protect themself from those who are not pure at heart.

Keyword / Compassion:

Seeing the light in a dark world gives rise to Christ's consciousness within a person.


When a disruption occurs in the mind, it doesn't happen violently. Gentle and effortlessly, the spirit rises like a phoenix from the ashes. Every resistance is completely folded within it and has long been dead.


To understand the course of history means to have overcome the present with its constraining force. We must first live our lives with all the ups and downs before looking back. Then, with humility, we grasp the meaning and purpose of it all. We can relax and see the big picture. The yoke that burdened humanity belongs to the past. The anger born of misunderstanding has died.

21st Life Journey (Months 241-252) Phase of Experience (Germination Phase of the Self)

During this phase, humans perceive possibilities that they can pursue within their lifetime. However, manifesting it in form, color, shape, word, and action requires feedback from their innermost desires. Feedback provides strength and counteracts weaknesses. Bringing something to the world that illuminates the darkness is also essential. New tools will develop as humans learn to express their needs in words. Language serves as the tool for this expression because all aspects of community rely on communication, and each individual contributes to the community through love and understanding for others. Authenticity – the expression of one's personality and the ability to present oneself – forms the pillars upon which a person can build their foundation.

FEELING OF ABANDONMENT (Conflict that shows in our relationships)

The human Soul inhabits a physical form and is accustomed used to go through life in this form. The Soul associates with other, similar beings, and feels secure and not alone when it is part of a group. In the long run, these forms never last; they build up, have an effect on their surroundings and decline as a result of being used. Only the Spirit that lives inside them is of an immortal nature; and this is the way saints and mystics explain it to people. Our bonds are, however, concentrated mainly on these forms and their expressions. It is these that leave us with an impression of the whole. And this is why the decline of a form, which cannot be halted, can make us very sad. Contacts keep us alive, and, if we value them and are in need of them, we will always have to deal with a loss whenever we are no longer able, allowed or perhaps willing to keep up a particular contact.Death, or the departure of a partner who can no longer stay with us, is a loss of this kind. At such a time, we always also lose the strength that the joy of being together gave us, and which linked us together in life. A weakness then comes over us, and it is this weakness that we should consciously renounce. Because, if it lingers on inside us, held by the painful feelings of not wanting to go on because we miss someone or something important, a powerlessness will set in, and its paralysing effect will even reach as far as the physical level.

The end of a relationship, whether it be physical, emotional or even mental in nature, should always only be a state in which a new start already lies in wait for a new, refreshing bond, like the germinating power within a seed. The light of renewal cannot be seen yet, but, for those with experience, that what is finishing already announces the start of something new. And, in the same way as the sun is not yet quite able to appear on the horizon in those moments of early dawn, the human being patiently awaits the break-through of this sign of light, which will revive him, and it will seem to him as if he and his lonely Soul have come to the end of a dark night. He waits patiently, because he knows that when something reaches an end there will soon be place for something new, whatever this may be.

Loneliness is a symbol that often creates an uneasy feeling of desolation in the human being, although, in truth, it is a strength that can show him that it is time now to look for new horizons in life. But, in order to do this, the person called by loneliness must always raise his gaze and must move out of his despondency. This impulse comes from his very own centre, and cannot be provided for him by someone else. In this way, he is completely dependent on himself and his impulse to live.The impulse is always a sign of the joy in life that can still be found in the Soul of the human being, despite the limitations of an earthly world, in which everything will pass away. And if he finds the strength to react to something beautiful in life, the spark of life can continue to fill the being with Life, and the being can continue to integrate, without losing itself too deeply in worldly matters. If the power of the impulse is too weak, however, it will be time to regenerate in the pure water of the Spirit before the tiny spark loses all its strength. Because it may not throw itself away completely on worldly matters. This is the Law of the universal world.

When the form shatters like a pot made of clay, the tiny spark of life is allowed to escape. And as it can never be lost in the spiritual world, a new form will perhaps soon feel obliged to hold it. Nobody knows the time when the tiny spark will release itself, and nobody knows the time when it should enter again into matter and form. The only thing that we should take to heart is to accept that something is drawing to an end. We may perhaps feel very desolate, but we have not really been left alone. We are merely in a state of upheaval, in a phase of renewal, and, in this, we have something great in common with our Mother Earth, whose face reflects the play of light and shadow. Sometimes she shows herself as sunny, and sometimes she displays her dark nature and throws only a tall shadow; which knows no differentiation within itself.

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