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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Almond tree

Vice: Disorientation

Virtue:  Firm determination

Relationship conflict:  Addictive behavior (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Develop physical strength

Homeopathic Support: Ferrum sulf., Arsenicum

Inspirational figure: Carl Gustav Jung

Brain area: Lobulus paracentralis

Brain Modulation Story: The tree and his shadow

Organ: Immunsystem

Chemical Element: Calcium

Development phase: Year 20 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Inadequate self-awareness leads to unhappiness / Overlooks the need to contemplate and go within / Misfortune caused by hardening of oneself / Driven by restlessness compulsive actions 

In the light:

Feels the inner peace as a source of great joy / Despite grief, the person allows peace into their heart / Learns from their mistakes / Develops within the healer through accessing stillness.

Keyword / Giving:

To be a servant of life means that one is connected to a rejuvenating and infinite well / To be a channel allows the free flow of receiving and giving.


Unrest and restlessness are signs of not understanding the orderly processes of time. Time itself has a voice, but it is drowned out by the noise of chaos. Let us summon our inner forces to be completely calm, to listen to the vision, the inner message. An artist has freed themselves from the constraints of failure. We, too, must become artists of life and replace restlessness with deep listening and calmness.


Happiness is something that we can't grasp. Happiness has its roots beyond everyday life with its ups and downs. It has its invisible roots amid all instability. Where silence finds its home and the spirit nurtures it, happiness resides there. There, grace knows its duty. For those who see the center, it will be a giver. Barely anyone understands - where happiness is. Happiness is an excellent attitude towards life. Art is the highest expression of life. Not everyone knows that. There are so many who do not believe, not in art, not in their happiness, not in the spark of grace.

20th Stage: (229th - 240th month) Power Phase Power over the body, power over emotions, power over intellect, power over intuition. These are four forces that nourish themselves through the ground on which humans have grown and unfolded. Bringing these forces into balance is a creative task that grows through self-awareness. The conscious individual learns to unfold their power through the roots, yet this means being able to adapt to circumstances. The four forces, which should unfold evenly, symbolize, like a four-leaf clover, the ability to find happiness in life. Leaving one's own box and deepening our understanding beyond the limited space we know intellectually or from our past experiences is an ever-expanding adventure.

ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR (Conflict that shows in our relationships) Love of all living things must first develop. In the same way as the seed is the father of the tree, the strength of love is folded together and slumbers within the human heart. If, however, the human being occupies himself in cultivating human virtues and ethics for living within a community, his understanding will grow, and, with it, his ability to also recognise dark stirrings and to eliminate them over the course of time through discipline.

The spirit wants to be free, otherwise it will never be able to unfold, and it is for exactly this reason that the mind of man must be yoked, so that it can no longer be tempted towards involvement in dark machinations. This tension between the spirit and compulsion is a struggle that never really comes to an end. Giving in is always the first step in the wrong direction, which can very quickly lead the person into the abyss. The addiction itself, developing with every step in the wrong direction, is only an image that creates itself as a symbol for the dark path that the human being is walking, so that he may recognise it.

If we want to fight or destroy this image, it is exactly as if we would start a fight with our shadow on the wall, at the end of which we will always be the loser. Only if we break down ourselves will the shadow on the wall appear to give in completely, as a result of our exhaustion. He collapses, just as we have collapsed, and are lost.

If, however, we put our efforts into building up and cultivating discipline, we will then slowly but surely be rid this dark power of the temptation to waste our time on habits and addictions. Because, in order to obtain a good result through our endeavours, we must obey the laws of the world, otherwise what we are doing will have nothing to do with reality. Fighting our own shadow does not make sense, and does not help the creation of a better life.

Neither the shadow nor the addiction, which is searching in the wrong direction for something that will make us happy, can be changed. However angry we may be, we will not summon up the strength necessary to change an existing order of the world. The worldly nature of the human being is based on urges. The spiritual nature of the human being is firmly rooted in the intense desire, a spiritual culture that, according to the highest principles of Creation, works and weaves deep into the dark earth so that it can bear golden fruit.

We are all still imperfect, and will always find something that demonstrates our tendency to waste our strength on a struggle with a shadow. Only when our pride has fallen will we be able to understand that it was this imprisonment that kept us from fighting an addiction.

We are easily tempted to secretly desire to be a winner, but if we do not understand the spiritual strength within us, we will not be able to raise it to a higher level. As compensation, we then start a fight against a thousand shadows of this world, and do not notice that we thereby lose our honour. Perhaps our honour is also still folded up inside us, as if it were still a seed dreaming of the future. The desire for recognition is what entices us, and this is what we want to crown in our life. From the desire not to give in, we also lose the mute inner teacher that speaks to us as our conscience.

But there is always a solution when one is lost in the dark. When searching for a teacher who has won all his battles, and who will never again fight his own shadow, the student can once again free himself through his own efforts and Grace.

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