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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Elm tree

Vice: Unkindness

Virtue:  Friendliness

Relationship conflict:  Lovesickness ( Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Courage to be happy

Homeopathic Support: Cenchris contortrix

Inspirational figure: William Shakespeare

Brain area: Lobus insularis

Brain Modulation Story: Man and time

Organ: Venous system

Chemical Element: Argon

Development phase: Year 18 (Read below)

In the shadow:

We get nervous and restless when we focus on everything dark in the world / To sacrifice something makes us fearful / We resist change / We lack compassion due to the harshness of earthly life.

In the light:

Develop calmness and understanding that everything takes time / Learn that at the core of a sacrifice lies the new gift / We allow the birth of our spiritual heart.

Keyword / To serve:

When the servant within us comes alive, there is calm. From that place of calm, we get answers to all our questions.


A wise person allows things to unfold naturally. It's impossible to do that without tolerance. We usually judge a situation too early without knowing the big picture. We then want to force our agenda and ideas on the situation, which causes more pain and suffering for all involved.


Water has a rejuvenating quality. Water is a powerful messenger, and we need it physically to quench our thirst and spiritually to remain inspired by life. We often lose our inspiration and zest for life. What happened? We got lost in too many worldly activities and hence lost our spiritual bond with the inspiring forces of life. A tolerant person has love in their heart. That love represents the inspiring qualities of the water of life. If we are not careful, the world's fire absorbs that water, and we no longer have the strength to blossom.

Year 18 - (205th-216th month) Phase of Profiting

The letting go of childhood and youth makes room to experience love and the shadow of lovesickness. All is well if a young adult stays focused on moving forward and becoming an adult. Here, the young, maturing individual needs friends and family members who can become friends. Benevolent mediation on the grounds of experience gives the personality a solid foundation to continue developing a personal profile, yet also knowing that the past, sheltered in the family, is not dead and lost but can continue. There is impatience and desire to experience love. Yet, the wisdom at the core of the personality, still folded together, also moves things forward gently. Bitterness over apparent delays is merely a shadow of un-lived patience in essential phases of transformation. Neglect in interpersonal relationships brings uneasy feelings that become entangled in guilt. Being called to responsibility and humanity replaces the waning childhood in the lived past. Alignment, goal orientation, and attitude are required.

LOVESICKNESS (Conflict that shows in our relationships)

The young bird within the egg slowly but steadily grows bigger, and, if its shell is not yet oppressive and tight, it slumbers, secure in the space created for its protection, dreaming of things to come. The life force, however, pushes the development on and, soon, the winged creature will feel very uncomfortable and cramped. And then the moment comes when the shell can no longer hold it, and everything that was secure inside is now exposed to the outer forces by this breach. The bird is free, but has also lost a previously useful protection. For the small, still incomplete creature, life has changed completely from this point in time onwards. Nothing will be as it was before, and he will perhaps feel entirely alone in his grief.

Whenever the human being has fully experienced and progressed through a dimension, it will no longer fit in with his future development path, and he must therefore change rooms. That which was previously able to protect him is now, in a peculiar manner, no longer available. It seems broken. As in the image of the egg described above, the protective room is now a cracked shell that can no longer envelop anyone. The human being looks back at what is left of his happiness, and, very often, he cannot resist the temptation to try, as an experiment, to re-establish the situation as it once was, when he was protected as inside a shell. He behaves as if he were the small bird, trying to collect the broken shell around him again.There is no power in the world that can bring life back to that which once was. Time does not go backwards. Shapes change, abandon themselves, in order to allow the life that was hidden inside to go outwards, into a new dimension. The human Soul often feels like a small bird, just released from its egg, and this being is then often in a condition of great loneliness. The Soul is all by itself and full of sorrow in an unfamiliar, new and unreal world.

During this time, however, the human being must take heart and look around him. Perhaps, like the eye of the young eagle, he will see its father, circling far above in the blue light.

And, in a strange way, the young one may become captivated by amazement and reverence. The sorrow of being alone and unprotected is forgotten, and the glance into the sun will release the strengths that have been slumbering. From within its own being alone, the greatness of a winged being may then be able to unfold. But if the bird does not soon rise its head, because his sorrow does not allow him to grasp his own and his father’s being, life will be a mute, and often even cruel teacher for him through painful experience. And, at some stage, death will release this bird from this passion, in which love is not able to free itself from the compulsion of being full of sorrow. The sorrow and the passion of feeling alone can make the time seem endless and this is often a great gain for the Spirit of Stagnation.

After this sorrowful moment, which can always take hold of him every time he changes from one dimension to another one, the being is called upon to put up a barrier. To consciously turn towards the light in life, in the same way as the eye of the eagle is not afraid to look into the sun, and this would be the attitude that brings joy into life. In this way, the being of light chases all sorrow away.

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