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Updated: Jul 5

Tree message: Hazelnut tree

Vice: Greed

Virtue:  Free of greediness

Relationship conflict:  Disturbances caused by intrigue (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Detachment

Homeopathic Support: Aesculus hipp.

Inspirational figure: Joseph Haydn

Brain area: Hyppothalamus

Brain Modulation Story: The longing for order in every form

Organ: Musculoskeletal system

Chemical Element: Chlorine

Development phase: Year 17 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Sees everything negative in life / Fears are leading to dark emotions / Often feels sad because he finds the ingratitude in the world as a burden

In the light:

Recognizes problems as opportunities / Finds balance between giving and taking / learns to give again mostly to people whose heart is open for love / Transforms greed and ambition into gratefulness

Keyword / Gratefulness:

The inner father takes the child within man by the hand, especially in difficult times.


It is important to allocate one's time and energy wisely. Not everyone knows how to do that. Moderation in everything you do is key.


Holding a treasure is also a responsibility. We need to learn about the balance of giving and receiving. Balance frees people from obligations and allows them to experience the true richness of life.

17th Year - (193rd-204th month) Idea Phase The idea of personality is a profoundly individual matter. Only the personality itself has proper access. The idea (the seed) is there. Still, the familial radius, the radius of the community, and the circle of culture or country (like the fruit around a seed) limit the unfolding power of the maturing, self-unfolding person. The individual grows through circumstances that may seem lazy, limiting, no longer suitable, inhibiting, or even thwarting their plans. Intrigues, for example, can easily crush a person's power and confidence. Yet, precisely through these burdens, the forces of the idea are activated to become a mature personality with proper self-awareness eventually. Adults think differently. The young adult has their individual, still very youthful views, and turbulence arises in thinking and among the opinions of community members. A new beginning for adults is once again a beginning, a plunge into the intellectual thinking of adults (see 8.LBJ.) to integrate there with one's thinking. Our culture has an idea of what it means to be a beautiful woman or a strong man. The cultural view meets the young adult's idea. The personality experiences itself for the first time through difficulties and trials and is called upon to show what it truly stands for.

INTRRIGUES (Conflict that shows in our relationships)

The image, form and individual character in which life works must develop according to a specific pattern, and this tells the observer that there is a very specific order. Within this order, there is the task of communicating something, of providing an image that can then be read. As the written word cannot be lost as long as the letters remain on the paper, the order within the form hints of something that cannot be heard or seen.

If the development force of order is disturbed, the image will also become distorted and changed. The message can no longer communicate itself into the world through its form and colour. And its profound communication of wisdom, lying bound within its inner seed, can be heard even less. Its greatness is thereby irretrievably lost and the life force of the seed, which should have transmitted the image into the outer world, has failed to perform its task.

Every living being carries the life force in its centre. And, when the circumstances allow, this is called upon to leave a reflection in this world of time and moments, as a legacy of the Great Order.

The tremendous creative power of the universe always shows itself in different shapes and colours, and also offers the world a new sound, over and over again.The person who can marvel at this creative power with devotion, and who finds rest from the hectic of life through this reverence, will also remember his own order, rooted within his inner being. This will induce him to make corrections, adaptations, or repairs to his image, and, once made, these measures will make him satisfied. Through the call, the human being again follows the orderly structure that is hidden within his inner being, and, in the end, can even become wise as a result of the work he has accomplished.

Through his own efforts, he pursues the image that he is unfolding in the world, and he is only satisfied if it can communicate clarity about the person’s task. But he has also learned from experience that the outer world also has its influence. He lets himself be touched many times, and this intervention from the outside often distorts his image. If such a contact has an intense, or even a destructive effect on the order of his image, he must come to understand that even a struggle between the conditions in his destructive force can be transformed.

If he wants to bring his tasks to their successful end, the human being needs a reflection that can lead him back into his innermost core. In this way, the struggle is transferred from outward to inward. He no longer fights with the noise and the resounding vibrations of the earthly world, but with himself internally, in order to retain a connection that receives its strength to maintain the order of his work from the outside world. Once immersed in this struggle, he will no longer be distracted by what is happening externally. No earthly intrigue will be able to tempt him to allow too much weight and influence to the outer spheres of life.

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