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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Poplar tree

Vice: Imbalance

Virtue:  In balance

Relationship conflict:  Disrespect (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Reverence for life

Homeopathic Support: Ignatia, Aurum muriaticum

Inspirational figure: Charles Darwin

Brain area: Medulla oblongata, Cerebellum

Brain Modulation Story: The center as a source of power

Organ: Neurons

Chemical Element: Silicon

Development phase: Year 14 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Fears hinder the transformation process / People put up walls to protect themselves from change / The ego builds itself up behind old wounds and suffering.

In the light:

Allow the transformation to happen because you focus on the goal behind the painful transformation process / Prevent unnecessary suffering by accepting the part that pain has in the growth process / Warmth and compassion arise from accepting one's suffering.

Keyword / Compassion:

Suffering develops compassion, which gives birth to wanting to help others.


Everyone departs into the next phase in life. These phases, indeed, hold no compulsion. They only occur when circumstances meet at the correct time in a person's life.


When a person goes through a new growth phase, they feel like a bird in an egg. They cannot yet act or truly move within their confined space, and only through waiting can and will they thrive. When the time comes, they can break free all at once. Therefore, the wise person remembers the power of patience during phases of transformation. Through life experiences, not impatience, they learn to liberate themselves from the constraints of space and time through effort.

14th Year - (157th-168th Month) Personality Outburst Phase

The personality of the emerging adolescent presents itself to the world. We should respect the forces of the ego and allow it to grow. Sometimes, the 'growing free process' meets rigid boundaries. There, they clash, continue to grow, clash more intensely, develop explosively and powerfully, breaking one limitation after another (egg effect). Breaking through a boundary does not happen quietly and insignificantly but rather violently and noticeably for those with eyes and ears in the surroundings. Good and evil become distinctly polarized in the personality and sometimes divide the rest of society around the adolescent. It is about the birth of power, or if we prevent this process in the young adult, about the birth of the impotence of the developing youth in the individual. The good may not always germinate powerfully under certain circumstances, but the evil grows secretly. The adolescent begins to oscillate between good and evil to make their experiences in these areas.

DISRESPECT (Conflict that shows in our relationships)Many of the words that we use in our human language are only superficially understood by us. But, over the course of time, as our spiritual strength develops, our reflections will also become deepened to the extent that we will also grasp the meaning beyond the words, and understand their deeper significance. The appearance that first catches the eye is always the superficial image.

And then there is the background, the source from which the image was able to develop. We should also understand human language in the same way. Every word, every expression offers us a superficial aspect of the word that is immediately understood by most people. In this sense, the word therefore has a double meaning, and the human mind becomes inspired when it is allowed to unfold this ambiguousness within itself through consciousness.

The quality of communication is measured by this. If we look upon every living being in a restricted way, or, in other words, only superficially, we will still owe something to our development towards perfection, namely to grasp that which lies beyond the words. At some stage in life, every human being should become aware that a new dimension in his contacts with others could open up for him if he would study the meaning beyond the language and the words. Like a coin, everything has two sides, and either one or the other side will show itself, depending on the position of the human being, And like a coin, the word also has ambiguity, which can be considered according to its meaning. In this way, the strength resulting from memory and the strength of association come into play, and strengthen the human consciousness and, through it, also the spirit of the human being.

Once we have realised the existence of the two sides in life, we will find that, when considered from a higher vantage point, a new, third view on the matter will open up to us. Once the human being develops respect for this law in the dual world, he can experience what it means to learn continuously. In the deeper sense of the word, he learns what it means to be considerate or to offer respect. The human being will always needs a certain time before he understands how to find what is behind the superficial. His actions, and the way that he can turn and twist things and circumstances, lie in his hands like a key in this game of flexibility. If the human being remains fixed in his superficial thinking, however, he may still outwardly appear to be fast and may appear to be making good progress. This appears to be a paradox to anyone who is able to observe this game.

To someone who is making good progress, it may also happen that he becomes impatient with all those who are apparently advancing through life at a slower pace. The impatience within him may perhaps allow him to realise that that he cannot summon up respect for slower processes that are not fixed within himself, but in the other. To be considerate, to look for something, or to look back also has consequences. For the one who does this, it has the consequence that he will possibly be held up by what he sees. He looks back, internalises what he sees and, in doing so, stops for a moment. But delays that are caused by pausing can be troublesome for people who are in full swing. In particular if hesitation has been found to be predominantly negative, or to be an obstacle in the experience of the person. Perhaps the person also has impatient, or even contemptuous thoughts about the person who forces him to pause or hesitate on his path through the circumstances.

Friendliness towards everything that could apparently slow down or limit one’s own development is the first step in the right direction.Because the feat of strength that the human being must perform in his struggle against time may be relieved for a short while by stopping for a moment. Labouring for a work, and the obsession of being apparently indebted to it, is a human illusion. Respect for all living beings can release this compulsion from the heart. We may consider that labour, and the human achievement resulting from it, is only the outer expression of the inner commitment to affection and love. The obligation to work should not really be in the foreground.

Severity towards all beings always arises when consideration can no longer be guaranteed. Various projects and certain targets have often become more important in human life than kindness and walking the path of love.

When the person who is in full swing is delayed, impatience is the first clear sign that appears outwardly. The second sign, which arises from the impatience, is a lack of consideration. The third sign that appears to the

outside world will then be disrespectfulness. We thereby realise that a retrospective view can be beneficial to everyone involved in our common development.We are all walking along the same path of being a wanderer between the worlds. But we are walking together, and nobody is really alone. Not as long as we are remain aware of what love for our neighbour has to mean in its deepest sense. Then the duty of being together will perhaps also change, so that we can share experiences with one another.

Everything changes and the spirit of the time always appears to push all development. But it can also be the other way round. It depends of how you look at it. If the force of development pushes and forces the time, then this is in truth only one face, one expression of the happenings in the external world. A scrutinizing Spirit is hidden beyond this, as if the expression were a mask. A just Spirit, in eternal perfection. We are indebted to this Spirit, even if this may not appear to be the case now, as we impatiently and urgently press our way through time towards our future.

We never know exactly where we are on our own path of change. But we always have our conscience, and, through it, the ability to be respectful towards all living beings. In this gentle way, we break away from being obliged, which throws a shadow. The shadow of being obliged is the human being’s debt, which we are not able to really understand. Many of the wise and mystics even teach us that it does not exist. Rooted in our existence on Earth and anchored in our outward duties, we humans are not able to measure this without internalising it through consciousness and Spirit. But we have our conscience. And we may be truly grateful when we are quietly and discreetly warned that we should stop for a moment, or even hesitate. It talks to us and we must do nothing more than listen to its voice, even when time appears to be putting pressure on us to do something else for our work. We must show our conscience respect. Nothing works without this great obligation.

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