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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Apple tree

Vice: Anger

Virtue:  Free of anger

Relationship conflict:  Helpless at the mercy of others (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Taking action

Homeopathic Support: Calendula officinalis

Inspirational figure: Isaac Newton

Brain area: Diencephalon

Brain Modulation Story: The duty of rejuvenation

Organ: Mouth / Lungs

Chemical Element: Magnesium

Development phase: Year 12 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Feels inhibited in his development by others / Feels separated from someone because of an argument / Afraid to let go and see it as a positive beginning for a new phase

In the light:

Learn to see obstacles as opportunities, Gain insight from being unable to move forward / Build bridges between opposites / Know that separation contains a new path towards unity at its core.

Keyword / Union:

The passionate search for a union leads first to separation. Yet, ultimately, all of us will find the goal of unity.


A person's demands on their surroundings cannot be the key. They must convert themselves and turn inward to grasp what they want to bring into the world. We are like diamonds in the rough, and life polishes us into beautiful gems.


When the learning process begins, it still needs to be completed. The constant striving for perfection in the flow of life will bring completeness into the person's consciousness. Then, the person will become a role model.

12th Year - (133rd to 144th Month) Toleration Phase

When observing others, something seen in others often has an effect, as if there is a thorn in one's eye. Anger is a reaction that helps to express emotions. However, it can also signify disguising despair. Emotional outbursts that bring emotional movement into the personality always have an effect and a countereffect. Sorrow and illness are the internal pathways when anger or emotional outbursts cannot find an outlet. External eruptions or internal breakdowns are both eruptions that signal the breaking open of the personality. If noticed, these eruptions can unleash potentials that pave the way for further development from childhood into youth.

HELPLESS AT THE MERCY OF OTHERS (Conflict that shows in our relationships) Will power provides us human beings with the possibility of determining our lives for ourselves. If we desire freedom, then we must gain it ourselves. The more the human being embraces life during the course of his development, the more he will wish to be able to express himself in his own individual manner. Neither human beings nor any other living beings are free and light- hearted, completely without any obligations to this world. There is a plan inside, always connecting the being with the great Whole.

Once over a threshold, the being passes from one life cycle into another. And precisely (in terms of time) during this change, the moment of birth, which is at the same time the moment of death, the human being loses his power of self-determination completely. A human being who consciously collects his experiences, will, however, be aware that this time of transition offers an opportunity to let go completely, to be unbound and free, even from himself. During the time that a human being is unable to determine through his willpower, a deathly silence prevails around and within him, and he is touched by the Spirit of Eternity.

And then he listens. He no longer hears the noise of a time that is in motion. He listens, and is intoxicated by the boundless silence. In this moment, which cannot be measured, the being has truly become powerless, and this is only possible in this condition. There is therefore no process in life in which the human being could lose its will to live through another human being who has power and a strong will. He may, perhaps, only have the painful experience of losing his physical form through the dark, destructive force of another human being. Through death, he finds himself on a bridge.

He finds himself in a strange transition, an intense transformation, which birth and death offer to all beings as experience. The great books of humanity have initiated their students into this knowledge, and the wise have also always known about it. If, however, the human being is not interested in the truth, he will lose himself while weaving the veil of ignorance. There, where no light is, pain lives in the hearts of beings. When it becomes unbearable, it will bring powerlessness into life on Earth. The will to be connected with the outward things of Earth may perhaps die through the pain, and another dimension will open up for the being. A transformation takes place.

Human willpower must also pass through transformation phases. Although willpower grows in power and strength, it must, like everything that appears in the world of contradictions, also fade again. Accepting the laws of strength and weakness in modesty inexorably fosters the ability to be humble within the human community. To carry humility in one’s heart is not the same as experiencing personal weakness. Quite the contrary, the bond with the plan of creation reminds the intelligent being of the time in which everything first started. Through memory, he can even glance into the cradle of creation, and this is a blessing that can be obtained through Grace.

Memory connects hearts with one another, and the ability to develop compassion brings a detachment from the pain created by being chained to circumstances.Not all hardened hearts can be softened, but the balance within the polarity brings all of us further forward.

The hardened hearts in the world should not give us the opportunity to judge them, or even to study them. Generosity is also a virtue that does not only find its purpose in giving. Not lowering one’s gaze into dark facts can also be marked by generosity. In this way, this special virtue shows its most beautiful face. The vision becomes free. It can lift itself, and will perhaps look into the eye of the Spirit, perhaps even to His Centre.

If the human being raises his eyes because he is consciously able to move them away from darkness, honour will one day be his. The Father knows how difficult it is not to judge what in truth cannot be judged. Reality on Earth presents itself in veils, but it is exactly this that triggers the curiosity of the human being into development in this dual world. The human intellect, and its desire to think everything through to the most profound depth, may represent a path into the Underworld. If, however, the human being does not carry enough light with him into this dimension, he will err. He will become confused and will therefore be deceived in his judgement. False conclusions that result from this will restrict the space around him and, through the boundaries that grow, his pain at being imprisoned and powerless in a dungeon caused by limitation will also grow. The human being will be broken, and, in suffering, he may perhaps become aware that he can lose his pride entirely.

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