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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Beech tree

Vice: Concealment

Virtue:  Truthfulness

Relationship conflict:  Envy (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Favor

Homeopathic Support: Agaricus muscarius

Inspirational figure: Leonardo da Vinvi

Brain area: Mesencephalon

Brain Modulation Story: Water and Salt

Organ: Muscles

Chemical Element: Sodium

Development phase: Year 11 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Feels his pride hurt by someone else / Sows resentment and discord in others / To pass on the injuries one received from others / Cannot forget old wounds and painful scars remain

In the light:

Learns to work with the hurt caused by others and thereby transform it into insight / The injured person's pride is the chance to recognize and transform his own shadow / Learn to forgive yourself and others.

Keyword / Polarity:

Deep in the core of the shadow lies the light


We can look through different lenses and accept other perspectives / We can even learn to connect those different perspectives without losing them / That process allows something new to emerge.


The coin has two sides. Only through the dissolving nature of movement can a person transform. In other words, if we allow ourselves to change perspective and look at the two sides of the coin, we gain a more inclusive and whole picture of a situation. We create a bridge between two opposing points of view. It deepens our understanding of polarity, which, at its core, represents unity in this dual world.

11th Year - (121st to 132nd Month) Recognition-Maturation Phase

Authenticity can only sprout as a sign of a maturing personality in the child if the guardians allow space for the developing expressive power. Both parents and children need the ability to enable polarities and endure the tensions that arise from polar aspects in the community. Being oneself while also being a part of the whole provides a basis for connectedness. Authenticity in the community often casts a shadow. Envious forces dampen joyful powers. However, if the group can manage these opposing forces wisely and strategically it would increase the wellbeing of all.

ENVY (Conflict that shows in our relationships) Every being has its own basis on which it has grown. For this reason, it can never have the same experiences that another being has obtained through its own individual, unique life. Because its wealth of experience is also a basis on which the being can successfully exist and develop.

It often happens that a being, being aware of a weakness within itself, starts to look around. Perhaps only to find orientation in its life. If this being looks up, and if its glance falls upon a similar, but stronger being, it may perhaps be impressed by its strength and charisma. And also by the courage and other attributes that this being has developed. It would be wise to soon look away again from the other, so that it can reflect on itself and on its neighbour who provides it with help.

But, because the fascination for strength may have a deep impact on the weaker party, it may perhaps decide to remain linked to the strength of the other even longer through its gaze. The desire to possess this strength, or whatever else it may be, as soon as possible may then arise. By clinging to desires, the being becomes trapped by something that is rooted into the outer area of life.

The urge to possess something that has not resulted from one’s own development and one’s own efforts is a vice that is deeply rooted within the human heart. This characteristic is the origin of many dark habits. Like a weed, this characteristic grows rapidly in the human life, and robs the soil of the energy to invest in its true strength, which can only grow from the centre of the being.

Every grown-up knows that the tree will bear fruit when the time is right. As soon as these fruits are complete, they will begin to renew themselves. No man, however, has ever received the option of enjoying the fruits of his efforts before their time. Because everything exists in rhythms, everything needs its time and is constantly in change.

If the human being has understood this and has reflected on this law in depth, and has then concentrated on the facts, things may soon change for the better for him.

He will come to realise that growth only ever creates further growth through itself. When the human being learns from this, he will become fully devoted to his work, on the ground that has been allocated to him.

He will allow himself to be moved closer towards the source of truth by life and its principles, and perhaps also by wise teachers.When the human being then stands in front of the others, tall and strong in body, spirit and soul, he will then be able to report that the Spirit of Envy is ill disposed towards all beings who are at odds. It dresses itself in the cloak of rapid progress, but the material from which the cloak is made does not truly exist. A wise teacher, with experience at all levels, will protect his student. He makes him understand what has value and permanence for a life in prosperity and spiritual wealth.

It is then perhaps exactly at the moment when the weaker one’s longing glance has almost caused him to lose himself to the strength of the other, and the wish and urge to possess has taken hold of him, that the teacher will quietly warn his student. The teacher tears away the veil of the delusion of possessing or desiring something that has no value or honour for him.

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