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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Oak tree

Vice: Violence

Virtue:  Non violence

Relationship conflict:  Criticism (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Non-judgmental

Homeopathic Support: Aurum metallicum

Inspirational figure: Dante Alighieri

Brain area: Colliculi superiores / Tectum / Colliculi inferores

Brain Modulation Story: On the workbench of life

Organ: skeleton

Chemical Element: Neon

Development phase: Year 10 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Exhaustion from the hustle and bustle of the earthly world / Feels no longer able to cope with demands / Lack of self-confidence thus promotes external activities.

In the light:

Allows a longing for peace within himself / searches within himself a different world and finds the dynamic force of stillness / Transforms the constant urge to be busy into understanding and calmness

Keyword / Enlightenment:

Through the passive state of stillness, the dynamic state of calmness emerges / When the time is right, something new can be born.


Although everything is always in motion, a resting force exists in the center of time. This regenerative power frees our old habits from the compulsion to exhaust itself through life constantly. Fearlessness and mindfulness in the power of the present moment are the medicine for the strength of consciousness.


Movement in time prevents everything, even that which desperately cries for rest, from becoming truly still. Everything that has form is bound and yoked to busyness. We yearn for a break, yet we don't get it. Like a solitary cog in the clockwork of creation, our compulsiveness wins if we don't practice resting.

10th Year - (109th to 120th Month) Flow Development Phase

Advancing the development stream without bumping into obstacles or getting stranded is essential. We carefully ensure that the child is free from internal and external pressures and educational measures that exceed the individual's limits and could develop into compulsions. Compulsions would hinder the child's physical, emotional, and mental progress. The child will express these painful feelings if given the time to develop and express limitation and pain. We want the child to be safe and able to show these feelings to the community as well. The community's pace is one thing, and the individual's is another. As parents and educators, we closely monitor the child development process. The child's development process moves fast at that stage, and we shouldn't rush it more with unhealthy expectations. (*Flow Effect)

CRITICISM (Conflict that shows in our relationships) Injuries are not only been inflicted on our physical bodies, but are also painfully experienced in our emotional bodies and minds. We always experience them as painful, and they often leave us with internal wounds and scars. Unlike the physical scars that are visible on the outside, it is not easy for anybody to recognise the others, those that have been embedded in our emotions or in our spiritual mind. But we human beings are able to train our vision and our sensitivity, so that we learn to recognise just how important it is for our community to practice non-violence. The communication of all living beings is subject to the laws of evolution.

As far as the exchange between human beings, through our language and words, is concerned, there is still lies a great deal before us that should be developed through our consciousness. In gratitude, we will one day recognise what an important moment it was in our life when we experienced how critical words can painfully embed themselves into our innermost being. Once there, they work like the bite of a poisonous snake, weakening communication between we humans, whether we want this or not. It is not uncommon for us to be hurt to such an extent that we allow others to participate in our pain, either consciously or unconsciously. Trapped in the old patterns of a time that is long past, we effectively close a door by mutually hurting one another. A door that should really lead us across a threshold, into a happier world enriched by consciousness.

During the course of his life, the human being may learn that only he can change himself through conscious efforts and purposeful behaviour. In the same way as he is unable to make the scars that were caused by violence disappear, he also cannot really change the sharp tongue or the poison in the words of others. It would appear, however, that he can soon become immune once he begins to specifically train himself in the use of a gentle, careful and loving language in his expression. Because he then has so much to learn that he can no longer pay attention to the critical words of others, which are characterised by painfulness. In this way, he will also learn to refrain from gossip, will become more discreet, and will recognise how strongly people are bound together and chained down through the use of negative language.

He will learn to hold a meaningful dialogue and, by his own example, and in a passive but by all means effective manner, will purposefully work against this. He will act quietly and fearlessly, in a world motivated and stimulated by kindness and enriched by diversity. The sign of his charitable nature is the healing medicine, and is the most effective means against all violence.

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