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Updated: Jun 12

Tree message: Alder tree

Vice: Pollution

Virtue:  Hygiene

Relationship conflict:  Fits of rage (Read below)

Conflict Solution:  Finding outlets

Homeopathic Support: Hamamelis virginia

Inspirational figure: Peter Paul Rubens

Brain area: Cerbral cortex

Brain Modulation Story: At the core of his power

Organ: Pancreas

Chemical Element: Manganese

Development phase: Year 24 (Read below)

In the shadow:

Lovesickness / Loneliness because of the loss of a loved one / To be touched at the heart by love includes suffering / Because after we meet each other in love, a separation must follow / We often retreat into the safety of doing things alone. We become hermits regardless of how busy our lives are.

In the light:

Learn to use the phases of solitude as a path of initiation / Study the secret of life through introspection in phases of solitude / Opens a great inner source of power for humanity.

Keyword / Touched:

I am the mirror in the world; the light within me recognizes the spirit.


Unspeakable heartache, which has perhaps dampened the joy of life, is quietly and silently removed from the depths of a lonely heart.


Humans long for touch but will be utterly alone during specific developmental phases. Solitude purifies, and being conscious within it brings about a different kind of touch. We need this solitude to heal an old, nearly incurable heartache caused by loss.

24th year of life (months 277-288) Individuals experience a phase of tension between the "I" and the "Self." The decisions made in interactions with others depend on how the ancestral energy flows through the individual's personality. The division between the "I" and the "Self" becomes apparent during this phase.

If the ancestry has firmly imprinted the "I" (ego) with specific patterns and structures, these old imprints will summon new strength in the young personality, allowing the "I" to bear new fruit from old forces. Conversely, if the "Self" has already made a path in the ancestors' past and left clear imprints on the personality, the individual will decide, sometimes in solitary decisions but within the community and for the community, towards a fruitful future.

Whether the gravity (gravitation) of the "I" or the lightness (levitation) of the "Self" prevails depends on the deeper layers of the personality (soul qualities)

FITS OF RAGE (Conflict that shows in our relationships)

Immersion in the material interests in our life requires a lot of personal effort and strength. Throughout his life, the human being is like a tree whose roots work their way deeper and deeper into the dark earth, and thereby penetrate the mysterious secret of all life. He enters into the dark reality in order to understand the truth of the light, and he needs a lot of stability and endurance for this step.

Again and again he feels the limits, and comes up against the opposite aspects of this dual world. In the same way as the root can only grow slowly into the hard, or even stony soil, the human being has to develop moderation and patience for each of the tasks that are intended for him and are meaningful to him. Pushing one’s way continually forward creates a lot of friction and, over time, this creates a great deal of heat. If the friction is strong, and the pressure almost overpowering, a fiery sign will release itself into the outer world through a valve.

Over the course of millions of years, the Earth itself has repeatedly created cauldrons in which, in an enclosed kind of way, fire is at home. But, because everything grows, the power of friction also becomes so enormously powerful that, through a small crack, the pressure then releases itself from its narrow boundaries. Volcanic forces appear in a tremendously powerful manner, and, cruel and dominating, their fire destroys everything else in its excessiveness. The Earth and the human being, macrocosm and microcosm, have something in common. Through their metabolism, they create a fire that burns and is consuming. The heat created by the fire only lives within a limited space for a short time, and when the moment has come, it will release itself. The thing that previously kept the heat and fire under control cracks open with great violence. Often, and without any warning signs before the eruption, the heat releases itself from the pressure of earthly walls and constraints.

If the room in which the fire is burning has one or perhaps several openings, the pressure that is created could let itself be modified in a gentler way. Connections from the inner being to the outer being, which are also connections in the reverse order, are therefore always a solution. Because these connections ensure an exchange of energy over the threshold of the rooms, as well as within the rooms themselves.

The human also has a fire within him, through his strength, which calls volcanic forces its own. In order not to destroy that what is valuable, it is necessary to place a valve in the limited, enclosed room in good time, so that a connection to other rooms can take place. Friction can arise anywhere in the different levels of a person.

It is therefore also important to understand that the mind of the human, as well as his emotional structure and his physical being, must exist according to the guidelines of exchange, through connections. Everything that creates pressure must be able to be regulated without destructive violence. Because destruction is often accompanied by violent force and causes great pain, while the path through gentleness is always liberating.

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