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Mountains Meet Lake



with Daniel Marty and Jodi Spitalli

This is an invitation for you to take a few days or weeks off your busy schedule and come to Orcas Island - alone. Spending time alone, with yourself to reflect, recharge and remember what is worth pursuing and what is no longer serving you is not a luxury but a necessity for you to keep growing in all areas of your life - personally, professionally and spiritually. Combine alone time with a few sessions of deep coaching and you have a high possibility to come out of this experience with an expanded understanding of who you are and what's the next step moving forward for you.

Your accommodation is the beautiful Madrona Suite and you'll be surrounded by 20 acres of pristine nature close to Deer Harbor. Prior to your arrival you'll create a personalized retreat schedule with Daniel and Jodi. Depending on your time we can include Infinite Body Movement, walks, hiking, making art, meditations and coaching sessions in your personalized retreat. If this sounds intriguing to you email Daniel directly to learn more about your personalized retreat options and pricing.



with Daniel


My approach to life coaching is for women and men who want to create a more positive, fulfilling personal or professional life. Together we will nurture the inner shifts that allow you to become a healthier, happier more inspired version of you.

Retreats, workshops, trainings, books, podcasts are valuable but when it comes to fundamentally transform your life most of us need to be guided more intimately than these other settings allow.

Hello, I am Daniel Marty, and I work with remarkable women and men who want to live with more clarity, joy, confidence and direction. Are you one of them? 

Our conversations will challenge your beliefs and change your perspective. It will require you to let go of many of the ideas you have about you, and about what you think you need or want. This is not life coaching as usual, this is a different direction. Without deeper self awareness most of us keep looking to compensate our perceived inadequacies with things to do or ways to be, constantly on the run to fill that seeker within ourselves with more  - more success, more reach, more trainings, more techniques, more of the things that feel good for a while and then disappear. But without a fundamental shift in our relationship to ourselves we keep searching and feeding the noise in our heads that is telling us that we don't belong and that we are not enough yet. 

There's another way.  If you are open, you can stop the relentless quest to acquire more things and step into a more effortless way of being in relationship with yourself, others and life.

Not surprisingly, this is the place where you feel connected, enough and fulfilled. It is a liberation - a step into being and knowing who you are instead of chasing something outside of yourself. It is from this place where you create a fulfilling, prosperous personal and professional life. Don't expect this journey to be easy, fast paced or convenient. Because It's not and never has been. Everything in life that has great value requires you to go deep and to step out of your comfort zone. This is no different and if you commit to this kind of 'soul work', it might very well be the best investment you ever made in your life. Here's what a client says about working with me.

I received a thousand times more than what I expected. I learned so much about myself and how I can create real success, health and well-being for myself and my family. I would recommend Daniel's life coaching, workshops and trainings to everyone!

G. Kumar

I bring decades of experience, in teaching, coaching, running my own business, growing apart and then closer together in a marriage, in failing, in succeeding, in connecting, in relating and studying life with extraordinary teachers.


You bring all of you and a commitment to open hearted, undefended conversations, self exploration and conscious, aligned actions. 

Daniel Marty

Life Coach

Professional Education:

2010-2012 - Dahn Yoga Master Training / 2 year training

2001-2005 - Holistic Body work training / WATSU / 2 year training

1998-2001 - Conflict management/mediation/coaching / 2 year degree / now

1998-2001 - Organizational Development & Coaching / 3 year training -

1994-2006 - Educator in various Swiss schools 

1990-1994 - Bachelor in Education / Lehrerseminar Rickenbach / 4 year degree

1985-1990 - Fine Finish Carpentry / 4 year degree  

Lifestyle & Career Choices:

1994-present - Daily whole food, mostly plant based diet

1998-present - Daily 60-90min stillness/meditation practice 

2010-present - Daily 20min holistic movement practice

2016-present - Super-host on VRBO / AIRBNB /

2016-present - Self Employed / Owner of Orcas Home Contracting

2018-present - Infinite Body Movement and yoga teacher

2020-present - Monthly coaching sessions / continuous coaching education

2022-present - Bed&Breakfast, retreat and workshop hosts

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