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Stretching on Yoga Mat

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with Life Coach Daniel Marty


Being active my whole life, I was surprised, to say the least, when all of a sudden, my body started to ache. My joints, muscles and knees were hurting more often, my recovery time increased and I started to wonder if my tennis, skying and pickle ball days are coming to an end faster than I thought. It's just not the same when the things you love doing causes you pain. 

Flash forward 5 years and things have changed  for the better. I am in my fifties now and you can find me again on the courts playing tennis or pickle ball without all that pain. What changed?  In a nutshell it's called 'Infinite Body Movement.' It's a body, mind and spirit approach using movement as a medium to build strength and flexibility from the inside out. Unlike traditional exercises this is a holistic way of moving copied from the greatest teacher we all have in front of us - NATURE. Everyone can learn it.

It's a total game changer how most of us approach fitness, like going to the gym, lifting weights, cross-fit or traditional yoga poses. In the gym you'll see women and men plugged into their device, running on the treadmill or counting the reps before moving to the next machine. Their body is at work but their mind and spirit is somewhere else. They do it for many reasons but mostly for looks or weight issues. 


Infinite Body Movement is different because the movement originates from the study of how life and nature moves. In nature everything depends on the whole. We are of nature not apart from it. Yet most of us treat our bodies like a machine. In a machine the whole depends on the parts and that explains why we focus on muscle groups, isolated movements instead of moving in a more integrated, interconnected way. The result of that disconnection to nature is why our bodies, mind and souls are aching. 


If you are interested in the Infinite Body Movement, give me a call and we'll talk over the phone and answer some questions you may have. No yoga experience is necessary and there's no age limit. All you need is your willingness to practice regularly. Depending on your needs we can set up a schedule and get to work immediately through Zoom online. Give me a call if you want to get back in holistic shape. Being engaged in a daily holistic exercise practice is key for your health and wellbeing. Especially as you get older.

Contact Daniel directly ( / 206.718.7078) to make your reservation for the Infinite Body Movement Class.

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