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Forest Trees

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 Based on the healing qualities of 25 trees 

A new approach to fuel growth and success

For your career/business or relationship/marriage

The Holo-Cybernetic system offers a highly individual and dynamic look at your life. Based on the healing qualities of 25 trees, it highlights 25 key development phases that are crucial for your personal or professional success. You can benefit from a session during a crisis or proactively to create a higher level of well-being in your career, business, or relationship/marriage. People are stunned at how precisely this system reflects their experience, points out the underlying causes of their challenges, and provides them with new perspectives and solutions.


For over 25 years, this holistic approach has provided young adults, women, and men guidance and clarity to advance their personal or professional goals and challenges. I have studied directly with Doris Richter (HCS founder, medical researcher, and naturopathic doctor) from Switzerland, and I now offer HCS sessions to an English-speaking audience for the first time. Introductory sessions are reduced to make it easy for you to try it.


Please contact me directly to book your Online Zoom session. 


    In your first HCS Coaching Session, you can choose to focus on:

  • A close look at your Personality growth chart

  • A close look at your career/business growth chart

  • A close look at your relationship/marriage growth chart

  • A close look at your children/siblings' chart to understand their development better

You can talk about:

  • A specific challenge/conflict/ you'd like to overcome

  • How you can rekindle your spark, motivations and goals 

  • The meaning and call to action of the important trees in your chart

  • How to transform negative feelings like frustration, fear, anxiety, disappointment, etc.

  • An engaging path forward for you to create a higher level of success

  • How you can work with the system independently to keep you on a growth path


Special Introductory Offer: 

Time: 60’ Zoom Call 

Introductory Price $ 150 (regular $ 240)


To your holistic success and growth,


Daniel Marty / Life Coach /

For sessions/bookings contact / 206.718.7078

Professional Education:

2024-              One-on-One study of the Holo Cybernetic System with Doris Richter, Switzerland

2010-2012 - Dahn Yoga Master Training / 2 year training

2001-2005 - Holistic Body work training / WATSU / 2 year training

1998-2001 - Conflict management/mediation/coaching / 2 year degree / now

1998-2001 - Organizational Development & Coaching / 3 year training -

1994-2006 - Educator in various Swiss schools (Elementary and High school)

1990-1994 - Bachelor in Education / Lehrerseminar Rickenbach / 4 year degree

1985-1990 - Fine Finish Carpentry / 4 year degree  

Lifestyle & Career:

1994-present - Daily whole food, mostly plant-based diet

1998-present - Daily stillness/meditation practice 

2010-present - Daily holistic movement practice

2016-present - Super-host on VRBO / AIRBNB /

2016-present - Self Employed / Owner of Orcas Home Contracting

2018-present - Holistic Yoga and Movement Teacher

2022-present - AirB&B superhost, retreat and workshop Facilitator and Business Owner

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