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Reconnect with your soul essence

Detach from the daily drama that pulls you in many directions

Reclaim your innate power and  truth 

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Saturday, March 28, 2020




Take some time for yourself and join us on beautiful Orcas Island. Learn, share and connect on a deeper level with yourself and nature through mindful movement, holistic living classes, and meditations. Eat healthy, delicious plant-based lunch and dinner and enjoy time with others who share your passion for holistic living. The backdrop for this intimate retreat is the top-rated Pebble Cove Farm, a waterfront destination place on beautiful Orcas Island, where you'll feel a sense of awe and wonder the moment you'll set foot on the property. Space is limited to 14 people and we'd love you to be part of this transformational gathering. If you're looking for a day to recharge your body, mind and soul - our Orcas Island One Day Wellness Reset is for you. 


(No previous yoga or meditation background required. All you need to bring is YOU and your curiosity to step into the next best version of yourself.)

WHAT'S INCLUDED ($150 per person)


  • Meditation and Movement/Yoga Classes

  • Wellness Reset Classes

  • Fresh, plant-based, organic lunch and dinner 

Contact Daniel or Lydia directly to make your reservation for the One Day Wellness Reset. A fun option - turn the One Day Retreat into a weekend getaway​ and stay at the


Enjoy the peace and serenity of Orcas Island when there are fewer people and nature invites you to let go and be receptive to the power of stillness. No crowds at the lake or in town and the trails are all yours to explore. Located just a few hours away from Seattle and Vancouver, Orcas Island is the gem of the San Juan Islands. You'll feel like you traveled to a different time zone where the pace of living is slower and feels more in harmony with your body, mind, and soul. You'll be minutes away from Moran State Park with its stunning hiking trails, waterfalls, and mountain lakes. If getting away and reconnecting on a deeper level with yourself and nature is on your agenda, then Orcas Island is for you.




Getting away from the stress and obligations of daily life is essential for anyone who's interested in personal, professional and spiritual growth. Our One Day Wellness Reset on Orcas Island is an opportunity to re-evaluate, re-focus and re-imagine the direction you want to go. Holistic Success Coach, Daniel Marty will facilitate your Retreat and introduce you to powerful exercises and tools that enable you to see through a challenge, embrace all you can become and take charge of taking the next step towards the healthiest, happiest person you can possibly be. Expect morning meditations, holistic movement/yoga classes and engaging group sessions where you'll explore more about a holistic approach to success and well-being on all levels in your life.  In this time of speed, noise, misinformation, and distraction  - our One Day Wellness Reset offers you the opposite - stillness, clarity, and harmony of body, mind, and soul.

To learn more about Daniel's Holistic Life Coaching go to:



SATURDAY, March 28

08:30 am         Meet up at Pebble Cove Farm

09:00 am         Meditation & Movement/Yoga Class

10:45 am         Wellness Reset Class 1

12:45 pm         Lunch

01:45 pm         Stretching/Body Tapping

02:15 pm         Wellness Reset Class 2

04:30 pm         Meditation & Movement/Yoga Class

06:00 pm.        Dinner/Closing


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