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about me

Hello, I am Daniel Marty and I truly hope that you are well during this challenging time! With a great challenge comes great opportunities and my work has always been to help clients unlock new possibilities. Social distancing is the call of the moment. But on a much deeper level, we are all called to reevaluate, reimagine and reignite our core values.  Now more than ever, being in integrity with who you are, what you truly care for and how you contribute to a healthier, happier more peaceful planet matters! 


It is my great pleasure to support you in reconnecting with your dreams that you may think are out of reach and boldly claim what's next in your personal and professional life. There are steps to be taken for sure to achieve your goals but the difference is that our work will also focus on keeping you balanced, and fulfilled while you move towards them. But more importantly, life coaching will help you feel connected to something bigger than your work or the goals you've achieved - it's like you are remembering how to play your part in the big orchestra of life's symphony - and instead of being constantly out of tune, distracted or exhausted as you've been in the past - you are now relaxed in harmony with yourself, your conditions and the people around you. I am pretty good at creating that kind of miracle in my clients' life but don't take my word - I'll let you be the judge of that.


If that sounds intriguing to you - we should talk!

Daniel Marty

Holistic Success Coach


If you want the same income, the same relationships, the same health, the same level of happiness keep doing what you're doing - you don't need coaching - you're fine.

Most people think that once they have success  - they'll finally be happier. The truth is that you can have EVERYTHING and still feel lonely, restless or empty on the inside.

If you started this year without a vision of whom you want to become next year - you're stuck repeating a set of routine behaviors with no chance of growing into the next best version of yourself. 



Take your next step



Do you have a strong daily practice in your life that supports your vision of success, happiness, joy, health and well-being? This is a powerful program for people who want real change and build up a strong foundation for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. You'll work One-on-One with Daniel over 90 days and get the support you need to create a powerful holistic practice in your life - no matter how busy you are. You'll learn how to successfully integrate meditations, positivity, holistic movement, whole food, presencing, visualizations to name a just a few. In 

powerful coaching sessions you'll dive deep into your core challenges and learn how to use them as fuel for positive change in your life. You have regular weekly phone sessions with Daniel (twice a week) where you'll review your progress and set specific, livable goals for you enabling you to take a quantum leap forward into the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. (No previous meditation experience required)

If you want to create a real shift in your life - this is for YOU!




Over 80% of people in America don't like their job and that's a lot of untapped passion and energy. If you feel unsatisfied with your work, we should talk. These sessions are dedicated to navigate you safely into work that pays the bills AND feeds your soul. Needless to say that loving what you do for work is a much more fulfilling way to live life and settling for less is not really a great option. 




Are you tired of being single, shallow relationships, break ups, constant conflicts and could use some guidance on how to build a more solid foundation for living in harmony with your partner.  These sessions are dedicated to help you take your your relationship with yourself and your life partner to a deeper level enabling you to communicate your feelings and needs more clearly, set boundaries and be more grounded within yourself. In return your relationships will naturally grow stronger, deeper and more loving.




We all have great intentions of making positive lifestyle changes, act on them for a little while and then fall right back into our old routines. It doesn't have to be like that  - master the skill of making positive lifestyle changes that last!

These sessions are focused on giving you support, guidance and tools needed to create a healthier version of yourself and finally breakthrough the habit of falling back into old routines that are no longer serving you.




No one can create a positive life with negative thoughts and without a clear vision. If worries, negativity or lack of motivation are slowing you down - these sessions are for you. You'll learn how to reprogram your brain (and life) with conscious thoughts, detach from the conditions and reasons that keep you feeling small and reconnect with a powerful vision that moves you into a healthier, more positive version of yourself.




Perhaps you reached a point in your life where you crave a deeper level of connection and happiness - one that goes beyond traditional success. Life Purpose and Spirituality sessions are dedicated to help you create a strong spiritual practice allowing you to reconnect with the core essence of who you are. Building up spiritual strength enables you to see more clearly what is your true life purpose and how you too can co-create in harmony and balance with your highest potential.