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People have called Jodi's ceramic handmade birdhouses amazing - and they really are. They are carefully and creatively hand-built from clay. Each one is completely different, no two are ever alike. They make beautiful gifts for any occasion, for yourself or someone special in your life. But let me (Daniel) tell you what they really represent.

They are meant to be a reminder of your SOUL home;  you are on a unique soul journey and your soul resides within YOU.  You are here to grow into a better version of yourself, to"raise the bar of who you are." If you get frustrated, confused or fearful of how to respond to the challenges in life, your birdhouse can remind you to stay the course of living well, take care of your body, and express the truth that lies at the core of your being. 


You can hang the birdhouse outside or find a place in your home. Just make sure it's a place that you will see - everyday.

All birdhouses are approximately 8-10" tall / Roof 6-8"in diameter, and we can ship them to you! You can contact Jodi directly to purchase one.


Each birdhouse is $ 165

(Plus shipping $ 25)

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