Join us for a personalized holistic


  • Restore in a stunning place away from home

  • Reflect on the next step forward in your life

  • Create a holistic foundation for success in all areas of your life


November - May, 2019/2020  


What's Included: 


  • 2 Nights at the Eagle Ridge Guesthouse

  • 2 Hours of Holistic Success Coaching

  • 2 Hours of Movement and Meditation Class

  • $ 790 per person (Nov-April)

Contact Daniel directly for reduced couples and group rates!


When:               To be arranged with Daniel

Where:              Orcas Island

Host:                 Daniel Marty 







We are excited to offer you personalized Holistic Winter Retreats on Orcas Island. Winter is the perfect time for you to restore, reflect and re-imagine a life you truly love. During your stay you'll receive One-on-One Coaching with Daniel, learning more about how a holistic approach to health and well-being enables you to create success on every level in your life. You'll receive powerful tips and tools that you can use right away. A movement and meditation class reinforces what you've learned, making sure that your body, mind, and soul are equally engaged in this process of growth. You'll leave this retreat inspired and with clarity on what your next step will be to make 2020 a year of positive change.


No previous yoga or meditation background required.

(Can't come to a retreat but still excited about making positive lifestyle changes? Give Daniel a call and see how Holistic Success Coaching can help you jumpstart a more balanced, healthier life.)




Eagle Ridge Guesthouse   




The guesthouse has a fully equipped kitchen. You can bring your own food to prepare or purchase groceries from local stores. Eateries and Restaurants often limit their open hours during our winter season but there are always a few options from which to choose.



The background of your retreat is the breathtaking landscape of Orcas Island, the gem of the San Juan Islands. Your home away from home is just a few hours away from Seattle and Vancouver yet you'll feel like you traveled to a different time zone where the pace of living is slower and feels more in harmony with your body, mind and soul. You'll be minutes away from Moran State Park with its stunning hiking trails, waterfalls, and mountain lakes. If getting away and reconnecting on a deeper level with yourself and nature is on your agenda, then this retreat is for you.



Getting away from the hustle and bustle of our busy life is essential for anyone who's interested in personal, professional and spiritual growth. A retreat at the Eagle Ridge Guesthouse is an opportunity to re-evaluate, re-focus and re-imagine the direction you want to go in your life. You'll benefit from One-on-One Coaching, guiding you step by step through the process of growth and healing in your life. In a time of speed and constant noise - you taking time for self-reflection and stillness is a luxury and a necessity.


Our growth retreats are a great starting point to take the next steps towards the healthiest, happiest person you can possibly be. Whether that next step for you is better health, a more meaningful career, financial growth or taking your relationships to the next level - Daniel's Coaching will introduce you to foundational habits and powerful tools that enable you to make positive, lasting change in your life.















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