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with Jodi Spitalli, Certified Soul Restoration Facilitator 




ART time out!

Your heart is calling you to take a little time JUST for YOU!


Would you like to refresh, restore and rediscover a part of yourself you may have forgotten? Come join Jodi, Certified Soul Restoration Instructor, for a heART time out!


“Art” is just a word for “creative expression” and creative expression is so wonderful because there is no right or wrong, good or bad!  It’s magical because it engages our whole being in the process.  Its playful and joyous!


There is something absolutely magical that occurs when we gather and create together.  It becomes a sacred space where we feel safe to show up, be seen and honor our truth. It’s heart opening, and it refreshes and restores us.


 For example, come take some time for yourself or bring your family or friends and make some Truth Cards! Truth cards are sweet little love notes straight from your heart to YOU! They are beautiful reminders of what is true about you and your soul. Truth cards are made using a multimedia collage method -  by cutting and pasting words and images, and adding other embellishments together to create a treasure for yourself.  You can add other things like paint, paper and fabric if you want to.  The most important part of a truth card are the heartfelt message to yourself.


This is a time of getting in touch with your precious heart and creating from that place! And, NO art experience is needed!  You just need to show up…all materials as well as beverages and snacks are provided! Jodi will guide you through some activities and then together we will create our own truth cards to remind you of YOUR truth when you need it most!  Come join us!  There is a place waiting just for you!


Jodi offers different themes for her Art Healing/Restorative Workshops. They can be from a few hours to several days in duration.  Please contact Jodi directly for more information. / 206.715.7953 


Truth Cards

Soul Restoration

Soul Book  

What some participants had to say:

Jodi is a pure delight. She creates a beautiful sacred space to honor everyone in a nurturing way.  The setting, supplies, organization and ideas for creating your own personal soul book is inspiring. Connecting with your soulful self is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Join Jodi’s workshop so you can listen to all the magic your soul has for you - you’re going to love this experience! 


~ C.S. Orcas Island, WA


Jodi lead us through an unprecedented experience of personal soul searching while learning how to grieve our terminally ill friend in a heartfelt manner


-A.P.  St Louis, Missouri 2023


The entire weekend was transformational.  Jodi and Daniel are welcoming, creative, accepting and loving people. The retreat exceeded my expectations and went by so fast!  I felt spiritually loved in their presence.  I felt nourished physically and emotionally and would easily do it all again!  


-Mindy , St. Louis Missouri, 2023 


Soul Book Art
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